The AWOL President: Obama missing in ‘action’ Again as Terrorists Threaten!

by on 05/08/13 at 4:24 pm

Meanwhile, as a possible replacement for Homeland Securite's Janet Napolitano, Texas congresswoman Sheila Jackson gives more people the shivers than a boatload of Taliban high on Viagra!

Meanwhile, as a possible replacement for Homeland Security’s Janet Napolitano, Texas congresswoman Sheila Jackson gives people more shivers than a boatload of armed Taliban high on Viagra!

The White House – (

Susan Rice, the White House Movie critic who gave the docudrama blamed for the death of Chris Stevens and 3 other government workers 5 stars, chaired a briefing for ALL the top members of the administration even remotely connected and charged with the security of our country and protection of serving officials and Americans abroad.

It was a closed door meeting from which even VP Joe “shot gun’ Biden was excluded, as President Obama’s appointed ‘Security Advisor’ held court in his stead to outline the next coverup for the administration’s malfeasance.

Whereabouts of the President (of ) Neglect were unknown, and information on his whereabouts was declared ‘top secret’ in order to protect his personal privacy during the terror alert deemed ‘more critical than 9/11!”

Once again the President distanced himself from any responsibility and already hinted that any coming atrocity could be blamed on ‘Sequester’ despite his willingness to appease and support Muslim extremists as they continued to impose Sharia law on what’s left of the ‘free’ world.

Ms. Rice, apparently is now considered the expert on terrorism despite the fact the closest she’s come to a terrorist threat is receiving a tweet of A. Weiner’s loaded gun on her Facebook page.

Said Ms. Rice at the time, “another guy who shouldn’t have a weapon which is likely to blow up in his hand!”

As Bill Clinton once described Ms Rice, “Cute, but no cigar!”, the diminutive dynamo , as she described herself on her resume before being dropped for consideration for Secretary of State in favor of John “Ketch-up to my tax bill if you can” Kerry, is now being seen as challenging the stranglehold on the President formerly held by Chicago Slum Lord and political manipulator Valerie ‘the Iranian’ Jarrett.

Rumours are that Michelle was getting increasingly infuriated with Val “my Pal” who was so close to the president (she advised him not to issue the order to take out Osama) that the pair was attached to the hip and that they were known to shower together after a quick game of ‘whorse’ on the presidential basketball court during ‘time outs’ from the president’s official fund raising speeches.

After the closed meeting Ms Rice (all Obama’s appointees appear to be “Ms”), she declared 22 embassies closed in respect to the final days of Ramadan, brushing off reports leaked by muslim fifth columnists in the White House that major attacks in and outside the US were scheduled for the month of August giving the terrorists enough time to alter their plans and terminate informers friendly to US interests.

At least one foreign intelligence agent has been assassinated after Spike Lee tweeted his phone number, workplace address, and the route he took home every night shortly after a Hollywood fundraiser with Barry in the home of Oliver Stone.

According to the Congressional Black Caucus, and her ownself, things will get better if Sheila Jackson Lee is named to succeed Homeland Security chief Ms. ‘Jack” Napitalano.

During an open mike exchange with Reverend Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson Sr. (Jr. is in Jail) Ms. Lee was overheard telling
them “once I’m in office we won’t be bothered by those Sand N********s or Hymies again and we can concentrate on putting a whoooop-ass on all those racist crackas!’

Over a silent capitol, distant sounds of the call to prayer echoed mysteriously through the halls of the White House and as far as the sprawling NY apartment of Huma Weiner as she prepared for the Halal presentation of husband Anthony’s wandering member for his last supper.

More news on ‘workplace violence as it happens.

Good Luck to the rest of us!

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