Obama Thrills Zombie Voters with Dramatic Arrival at Exclusive Martha’s Vineyard!

by on 11/08/13 at 9:46 am

As soon as Obama stepped off the Marine One helicopter, Massachucetts Zombies stirred back to life from hibernation in 2008 clammoring for more 'Hope n Change'

As soon as Obama stepped off the Marine One helicopter, Massachucetts Zombies stirred back to life from their 2008 hibernation clammoring for more ‘Hope n Change’and a water-proof EBT card.

South Cape Beach, Mashpee, MA – (SatireWorld.com)

Residents of Mashpee, lining the town’s private beach in this sleepy Cape Cod town, were treated to a show befitting the arrival of visiting royalty as the first family continued their ‘endless vacation’ at taxpayers expense.

The parking lot filled up early with beach goers jockeying for just the right position to set up umbrellas, beach chairs, beer coolers, and telescopes viewing the island paradise just 5 miles off shore on a clear and cloudless day with temperatures hovering around 80 and the rising tide miraculously held in check thanks to a presidential executive order.

Along with a state tax holiday declared by governor Deval ‘Cadillac’ Patrick, apparently the president had declared a Global Warming Moratorium delaying the inevitable sinking into the sea as foretold by Herman Goering look-a-like, that famous flak blimp, Al ‘ the Green Weenie” Gore.

And speaking of blimps, the presidential (pimp my ride) blimp “Organizing for America’, (OFA) signaled the imminent arrival of the royal family as it appeared in the distance trailing a pennant announcing the grand entrance of the imperious leader of the ‘free world’ leading to a chorus of frenzied shouts of delirium “12 MORE years!”

“Ask not what you can do for your country, but what YOUR country can do for YOU,” it proudly proclaimed as a flight of the Blue Angels , released from Sequester constraints for the day swooped the shore and then pulled 6Gs heading to the heavens and regrouping spelling out “FU” in a breath taking example of coordinated flying ability and presidential hubris.

Meanwhile Secretary of State John Kerry appeared at the helm of his tall ship, the $30M three-masted tax loop hole “The Stewed Tomato’ flanked by a protective flotilla of Navy ships including a replica of PT109 and his own Viet Nam swift boat affectionately named
“Purple (heart) Haze” firing off rounds of blank M60 machine gun rounds, and popping off colorful rounds of M-40 grenade launchers exploding in the sky and sending off showers of multi-colored July 4th effects to the delight of the crowd.

Revelry was abated when the crowd heard the steady and ominous thump of Marine One escorted by 6 Apache attack helicopters skimming low over the water heading for Oak Bluffs with the President hovering for a moment to take time to wave to his adoring fans from the open side door held in check by a safety harness tethered to Body Man Reggie (the man I Love).

As the air and sea show continued on to Martha’s Vineyard, a phalanx of OFA volunteers dressed in camouflage fatigues and red berets moved amongst the crowd with offering plates
to collect donations in exchange for free Obama phones, EBT cards, Food Stamps, and Doctor certificates certifying eligibility for disability payments, not to mention absentee ballots and raffle tickets for Chevy Volts.

As one star struck bystander, who voted for Elizabeth Warren 6 times said, ‘that boy ain’t a brother, can’t dance, got no rhythm, but he sure knows how to put a whoop-ass on them crackas!”

Another, holding a sign with the conjoined image of Hillary and Bill Clinton holding hands on a sandy beach dreamily intoned, “once you vote black, there ain’t no going back!”

As a famous presidential advisor once said, “Them chickens surely comin’ home to roost now!”

Only in what once was America.

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  1. Philbert of Macadamia

    Aug 11th, 2013

    President Obama’s latest speeches indicate his empty suit is full of bullshit!

  2. captain america

    Aug 11th, 2013

    …..nothing but repeat and repeat…like bad gas!

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