Bozo President as Clown gets “no confidence” in latest Gallup Poll!

by on 17/08/13 at 2:50 pm

Truly, when a picture says a thousand words

Truly, when a picture says a thousand words

Washington, DC – (

A recent Gallup poll shows that the majority of Americans have little respect for our current President who , if the media was honest about it, should be known as the “Teflon Putz ‘(sic)
more comfortable hiding out on the golf course than attending to his office.

While the FBI and the DOJ sets aside the year old question of the criminal conspiracy behind the murder of 4 government representatives in Libya and gives priority to the pressing investigation of a minimum wage Rodeo Clown who dared to impersonate the president, the left leaning press and hollywood blow hards refuse to address a President who is acting the clown in a three ring political circus!

“He walks, (struts), he talks (a lot), He crawls on his belly like a reptile (when meeting despots) for one thin dime, yes one tenth of your tax dollar, see Barack Obama pick up peanuts with his nose while blowing smoke up your arse!”

And who said Barry couldn’t smoke a joint and chew gum at the same time?

The recent poll indicated that 65% of the population (the ones who never ‘choomed’ their way through high school) have no confidence in his handling of the economy. (Economy! Economy….there ain’t no friggin’ economy!)

Here’s the rest of the news you won’t get anytime soon on his disapproval rating:

74% on his handling of the deficit

64% on his stance on Taxes

60% on handling of foreign affairs

61% On Health care issues

But you will learn the upside from WAPO, Media Matters and the NYT:

50% say he’s doing great on terrorism (Humma, humma, humma)

51% say’s he’s the new ‘White Hope” when it comes to fostering better Race Relations (the audacity of Dope)

Emerging stories in the past few days only confirm what SW has been reporting on for years:

*The president prefers ‘Spades” when it comes to Race Baiting

*He’s got no stomach for making hard decisions and has to rely on his surrogate mother, Valerie Jarrett, pulling Soros’s strings behind the curtain.

*Judging by his appointments of the “Pants Suit Posse” he really does have a “mother complex” in addition to an addiction to “Big Booty.”

*Rather than sucking his thumb and clutching his child hood teddy bear, he ” bitterly clings to his teleprompter and Quran’ for security.

*His narcissism and hubris is the result of his child hood pampering and his way of coping for a
serial womanizer father who died in a drunken car crash and never took a minute to acknowledge one of his many legal or illegitimate children.(Pipe Dreams of My Father)

*He harbors so much hate for the country that paid his way through life, that he’s intent to burn the country down rather than use his race to repair bridges among citizens.

*He’s so insecure he refuses to meet with political leaders one on one, including his own cabinet, is awkward in social situations, and never get’s an erection unless he’s on a dais being adored by masses of zombies high on the myth of his omnipotence.

*After Cindy Crowley won the last election for him during the Romney Debate, Jarrett had to call a physician in 3 days later to address his still erect Johnson saying, “it was painful to see and even scared the Butler!”

Despite what is evident for almost any working American, Obama still is perceived as ‘Popular’ with a positive “Like-ability” rating thanks to the continued fawning of the main stream media.

Meanwhile, it’s become apparent that Nobel Prize winning Barry Obama joins Bill Clinton as the Nation’s second Black President, but only America’s first Eunuch in office with a Presidential
Unisex bathroom in the oval office!

Balls said the Queen…If I had two I’d be King.

Only in America and the European Union!

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  1. Philbert of Macadamia

    Aug 17th, 2013

    Is Incompetent Schmendrick the same as “Teflon Putz?”

  2. captain america

    Aug 18th, 2013

    ….about the same as A. Weiner changing his name to A. Knockwurst!

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