Obama: “I was Real Cool in 2008. Now Voters Think I’m A Dud!”

by on 25/08/13 at 7:22 am

"Gees! That Bargis Tryhol really knows how to hit below the belt !" That's right Barry! Truth is on our side.

“Gees! That Bargis Tryhol really knows how to hit below the belt !”
That’s right Barry! Truth is on our side.

San Francisco, CA – (SatireWorld.com)

Hold on…Did I hear this right?
Speaking at yet another Democratic fundraiser Tuesday, Obama admitted for the first time that being a supporter of his doesn’t have the same cool factor it did almost five years ago. “It’s not as trendy to be an Obama supporter as it was back in 2008 when I was sort of the new thing,” he told a 200-person, minimum $250,000 per head crowd in San Francisco.

With his dropping poll numbers sliding down a coal chute, Obama tried to remind supporters of his administration’s accomplishments, including the health care system overhaul and the end of the don’t ask, don’t tell, the military’s ban on gay service members, adopting Trayvon Martin as his son, and how he single-handedly killed Bin Laden. Still, he acknowledged it hasn’t been entirely smooth sailing and that his promise of “change” has at times been difficult to deliver.

Of course, he blamed all the shortcomings of his presidency on the Republicans, citing the ‘difficulties’ in turning the US into a socialistic, homosexual, atheist state without the help of conservatives who, as he put it, don’t want to play fair in destroying the country and 250 years of liberty.

“We’ve had setbacks, we’ve had disappointments. I’ve made mistakes on occasion,” he said. Referencing the iconic poster that became synonymous with his 2008 bid, he added: “You know, the ‘hope’ poster is, you know, kind of faded and a little dog-eared.”

Others agree. Almost 3 full years of Obama and his army of leftist minions have educated Americans to the fragility of freedom and the best parts of our country that is perhaps the last standing ray of pure light in a darkening world that’s set in compromise and broken promises.

From failed and unrealistic promises, the Obama legacy is on a fast track to becoming the American Dark Ages of politics. Americans are smarter than the most self-promoted politician can ever imagine, and if left alone will figure out the wheat from the chaff as the political dust settles around political hyperbole.

When counting his administration’s accomplishments Obama only needs one hand, unfortunetely it’s his left hand. With a failed economic policy, real unemployed stuck a 14%, government supported failures in a comprehesive energy plan, a failed Obamacare initiative, and an immigration policy still stuck at an open border, Obama has few cocks to crow about his season of ‘Change’ and ‘Hope.’

The only true ‘Change’ and ‘Hope’ Americans are looking forward too, is in the latter part of 2014 when this horse’s ass supporters in Congress are voted out. That will be the true ‘change we can believe in…’

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  1. captain america

    Aug 25th, 2013

    …the only ‘change’ O’Bozo stands for is gender reassignment….

    just like ‘Chelsea ‘ Manning, he doesn’t know if he’s
    cuming or going…..

    but BT and Rush live in his head 24/7!!!

    Mind the drones…..

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