Obama Flies in Executive Porta Potti after Putin Refuses to “S*****t” Next to Him at G20!

by on 05/09/13 at 1:47 pm

Putin was nice enough to give Obama his own private rest room facilities including patriotic colors and an Islamic crescent moon on the door.

Putin was nice enough to allow Obama to fly in his own private rest room facilities painted in patriotic colors and an Islamic crescent moon on the door.

St. Petersburg, Russia – (SatireWorld.com)

Vladimir Putin made it abundantly clear he didn’t want to be any where near Barrack Hussein Obama at the upcoming G20 summit where Obama will be pushing his Gay Rights, anti-fracking, anti-coal, speed governors on all vehicles not produced by GM (government motors) and same sex bathrooms.

Due to the tensions involving the summit, organizers were forced to reassign seating as the conference convenes:

*France’s Hollande will be sitting on Obama’s lap (Obama will be stuffing treasury notes in his G-string)

*David Cameron will be moved to the SRO section of the gallery ever since he stopped ‘trending.”

*Germany’s Merkel will be seated between reps from Greece, Cyprus and Portugal. (she will be required to provide her own security and body armor)

*A shirtless Putin will be placed directly across from Obama draped in a tiger skin pelt from his latest Siberian Safari, although shielded from eye contact due to Obama’s 3 teleprompters.

While the world’s press will be excluded, Piers Morgan has been assigned as the pool reporter in order to given an unbiased account of the pithy moments during the meet and greet.

As in every grand sport spectacle, everyone is awaiting the half time show.

Secretary of State John “Swifty” Kerry will be providing a breathtaking power point presentation choreographed by Oliver Stone.

There will be historical footage transposing scenes from the Nuremberg Rally in 1938 with later footage of death camps (no, not the overflowing hallways of the NHS), Mussolini hanging from his heels, and Assad and his wife having an intimate dinner with the Heinz-Kerry marriage of convenience. (his)

Skeptics said this could lead to a wardrobe malfunction bigger than Janet Jackson’s as Kerry will inadvertently expose his ‘nekked’ ass to the world as he talks himself into a deeper hole than the bunker buster Valerie Jarrett is planning to use on Syria.

Kerry known as a fast talker who often has to walk back his gaffes, has been told to slow down during his presentation “in order for the half witted to ‘ketch-up” to you!”

As far as the Presidential ‘shitter’, it has been designed with Obama’s skinny arse in mind, and it was revealed that Tim Geithner has added a bit of sly humour to the otherwise laugh out loud event by supplying embossed, extra soft toilet paper resembling US Treasury notes, which as Tim said, “the Chinese will, as usual, recycle all this s****t and send it back to us!”

Per protocol Michelle and ‘the kids’ will accompany the President as part of his “diversity and obesity campaign’ occupying 95% of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg along with the usual suspects who recently partied on Martha’s Vineyard with the ‘first’ family.

Jay Blarney (sic) White House spokesman said ‘due to the sequester, Bo will not be traveling with the President, but instead will be treated to a spa week at an exclusive doggy B&B somewhere in southern California.

No word yet from the Kremlin if Putin will show up wearing an “Obama Clown Mask” to mock the president, an event sure to cause the group to lapse into hysterical laughter and cause a “black out” on CNBC, ABC ,CBS, NBC while being the lead story on Al-Jazzera with
Rachel Maddow wearing a black silk Versace Burka.

More after Putin dumps all over Obama leading to yet more ‘racist’ claims in the main stream press about ‘old White Russians clinging to their Stoly and AK-47s”

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  1. Jalapenoman

    Sep 5th, 2013

    Obama must be keeping his speech writers in the basement of that outhouse as everything is says pisses people off and is nothing but a bunch or crap!

  2. captain america

    Sep 5th, 2013

    …poop does tend to drop down to the lowest level of the S***Hse!

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