Weiner Rebooted: Hires Pee Wee Herman as PR Rep pending explosive Divorce naming Hillary as Correspondent!

by on 23/09/13 at 9:18 am

If Abedin didn't work for the State Department, she'd never get a visa to visit Israel

If Abedin didn’t work for the State Department, she’d never get a visa to visit Israel

Weiner-land, New York City – (SatireWorld.com)

Anthony Weiner, in danger of falling further into the hole he dug for himself, was further threatened when a NY Post story indicated wife Huma was given an ultimatum by the Clinton Cabal: “Ditch the Putz…or you’ll be kicked out of bed with the Clintons!”

Stress is showing on Weiner, as reporters caught him in a shouting match at a local kid park when Anthony almost pissed himself when a local tot peed on the park swing Weiner had his eye on. The father of the tot was running off to get some wipes to clean up after himself, a concept inconceivable to Anthony , and he began to melt down shouting at the father.
Keeping his calm the unidentified man called Weiner out for his tantrum saying, “You’re a hoot, talking about one’s self control and pissing all over yourself!”

Even after breaking a spending record of $148 per vote in the recent mayoral election, he got 5% or 31,000, Weiner reportedly still has a few mill left in his political action chest and maybe eyeing the upcoming 2014 midterms to rear his ugly head (the small one) yet once again.

Seeking redemption it’s been reported that Anthony has reached out to former TV star and movie fan Pee Wee Herman to teach him a better sense of humour to engage supporters, and also manage his reproductive organ, which seems to have a mind of it’s own showing up when not invited, and in the most public places.

Said former girl friend and political reporter Kirsten Powers who used to date him, “You’ve got to hand it to Weiner, (npi), just when you think he’s withdrawn into his shell, he pops up again!

PeeWee hopes he can help Mr. Weiner

PeeWee hopes he can help Mr. Weiner run for another political office.

The man is a Satyr. Goes to prove, you can’t keep the dick head down!”

Wife Huma has not been seen lately near the couple’s apartment, but has been seen having intense ‘business’ conversations with Tina Brown, the ill-fated head of the recently deceased Newsweek magazine who chums say is trying to cultivate Huma in order to “get close” to Hillary pending the 2016 Presidential election.

According to insiders around the NYC political scene Anthony is considering the “nuclear’ option; if Huma files for divorce he’ll name Hillary as correspondent in the hearings and produce e-mails, nude photos, love poems, and top secret communications between his wife and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Said a friend of Vince Foster, former council and close personal friend of Hillary, “If Anthony goes that route I think he’s suicidal. If I was him, I wouldn’t be taking any more ‘walks in the park’ alone.!”

The Muslim Brotherhood, under guard in Egypt , was unavailable for comment, but Rachael Maddow speaking on Al Jazerra said “I think Weiner is a dead man walking!”

11 Responses to “Weiner Rebooted: Hires Pee Wee Herman as PR Rep pending explosive Divorce naming Hillary as Correspondent!”

  1. captain america

    Sep 23rd, 2013

    ….Wonder if Anthony is listed as an ‘organ donor’ in his last well and testament….there’s an empty jar waiting to be filled at the Smithonian right next to John Dillenger’s famous ‘gun’….

    …rumour has it he sat for a cast for the famous
    Madame T’s waxwork museum saying, “Just look at me…it’s famous!!

  2. Philbert of Macadamia

    Sep 23rd, 2013

    The dictionary definition of Schmuck includes a picture of A Weiner.

  3. captain america

    Sep 23rd, 2013

    …bad news for you POM: he’s announcing his bid to be rain water run off tax collector in Maryland!

    He just loves sticking his nose (sic) in other people’s

  4. Philbert of Macadamia

    Sep 23rd, 2013

    Then what do you call a president who speaks at a Washington Navy Yard memorial service and interjects his partisan political agenda item of gun control?

  5. Philbert of Macadamia

    Sep 23rd, 2013

    Lots of those partisan assholes in Washington DC!

  6. captain america

    Sep 23rd, 2013

    …Hmmm (hmmm, hmmm) Nancy calls Barry the most no partisan
    leader…since Kengis Khan??
    you can’t help but laugh at these self delusional idealogues…

    luckily, the American Puāˆ«lic is starting to ‘flush’ the Big O down the toilet…ooops…that’s the pending story Bargis is ‘sitting’ on while on the SW throne!

    Hey POM: Chelsea just got a $5m jumbo mortgage on her new NYC penthouse apt…closed in 15 minutes> How they do dat?? (and a $500k line of credit after a $750k drop from the developer El Bomba Aberdin Jr…..just another Clinton non profit at work…allah, a magnificent god, eh?

  7. Philbert of Macadamia

    Sep 23rd, 2013

    Like I said Weiner is a Schmuck.

    Maryland’s governor is a self delusional ideologue who wants to be the next President Obama.

    The same self delusional ideologues in RI are again trying to ban assault weapons, when the Washington DC shootings occurred with a shotgun!

  8. captain america

    Sep 23rd, 2013

    hey POM: hope that wasn’t you that just got arrested at a Maryland school board meeting for questioning ObomaCore lessons…
    guy got carted off for trying to ask a question about the newest socialist agenda…facing $2500 fine and 6months for exercising his free speech rights…..
    some Maryland teachers confirmed the education system there is all about fascism…

    and RI: the favorite watering hole, and waitress wrestling center for Chris Dodd and Ted “water world” kennedy, not to mention former congressman Patches Kennedy who never met a gin giblet he could refuse…bankrupt for ages except for the Patriarca mafia clan..
    If Whitey Bulger had a brother, it would be Raymond Patriarca…

  9. Philbert of Macadamia

    Sep 23rd, 2013

    Charges were dropped against the father accused of assaulting a Baltimore County police officer at a school board meeting.

  10. captain america

    Sep 23rd, 2013

    …sanity reigns!

    THEY should be arrested for offending our sensibilities…

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