Pelosi on Federal Spending Cuts: the cupboard is bare! FLASH: Obama finds $100M ‘lying around’ for Detroit!

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Fernando Monte Verde often tells it like it is....

Fernando Monte Verde often tells it like it is….

Detroit, MI – (

Despite the Obama administration saying “we’ve cut government spending to the bone,’the fraudulent claims that there’s no money to cut in bloated, fraudulent and wasteful government budgets was revealed when miraculously Obama has managed to find a few crumbs ($100m) to send to Detroit where it will be immediately flushed down the toilet.

The money is allegedly to hire wrecking crews to tear down 80,000 abandoned residential and commercial buildings ; home to crack dens, gangs, community organizers, and the latest, Acorn Staffed ObamaKare funded health exchanges for residents who no longer live there! (but continue to vote the straight democratic ticket)

While the city, Democrats reproduction of Chernobyl, the Russian city left abandoned after a nuclear accident attributed to socialist ignorance, is under emergency management after 40 years of corrupt, and mostly Black , democrats feeding at the trough of entitlements.

Now, the city is also in line for over $200m in ‘grants’, Obama’s backdoor economic policy to keep his base alive and able to get out the vote. Included are a fleet of GM new police cars, which the chief says will cut response time down to 36 hours from the current 72. Also included, fire fighting equipment, new office furniture for union czars, and legal funds to defend the multiple chiefs of police from a long string of sexual dalliances that went public, divorces, unwanted pregnancies, and gun fights between police over three and four way love triangles.

Meanwhile the state has taken under advisement uses for the soon to be reclaimed city streets.
One scheme, revealed by SW recently, was turning the city into a national park and recreational center for paint ball enthusiasts in an effort to be the site of the upcoming 2014 World Wide Paintball championship.

Michelle Obama herself appeared in Brussels touting the site before the EU council of ministers. She presented a powerful video documentary showing Detroit as the perfect venue for the ‘take no prisoner’ war games as it most resembled Stalingrad after the Nazis were finally repulsed when they ran out of ammo and there were still hordes of unarmed communists charging them.

No word yet from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore, co-sponsors of the event and primary donors of ‘ammo’ for the contest even though DIY homeowners are complaining that due to the hoarding of paint by the Department of Homeland Security that has committed to repainting every border fence and detention center, “Ceiling White” is almost non-existent and buyers are limited to 1 quart cans every 3 months.

Mayor Dave Bing, a former all star NBA player and successful business man has said he’s had enough. In office for 4 years, his efforts for a clean up have been stalled by the greedy city council, and hampered by a string of explosive sex scandals in the police department causing hem to fire 2 (two) chiefs. He announced his retirement for this December.

Retiring NYC mayor Mikey Doomsberg said he’s all for the event to be scheduled in Detroit, ‘as long as the gun magazines don’t contain more than 3 water based paintballs…green ones of course!”

Blaming ‘Sequester’ Democratic party head and city treasurer Ophelia “Big O” Obama (a distant relative and step sister of the President) said due to layoffs and ObamaKare, the city no longer can afford to pay administrators or accountants to track the city’s windfall, but assured taxpayers, and Eric Holder, “Trust me…all the money will be well spent as we move FORWARD…but don’t expect any CHANGE!”

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  1. captain america

    Sep 27th, 2013

    ….all CHANGE is in the mind of Be-Holder (Eric’s long time partner)

  2. Philbert of Macadamia

    Sep 27th, 2013

    The incompetent in chief manages to find $300 million for a Detroit bailout, but not any spare change to fund White House tours!

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