Best and worst NFL performances 2012-13

by on 02/10/13 at 11:42 pm

We are into the next NFL season and already we are seeing some amazing games go down, but we must not forget those great and completely terrible games from last season. Here is a reminder of the highs and lows that we can expect from the 2013-14 season.

The Best

Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos (Sunday, Sept. 9)
This game saw the return of quarterback Peyton manning after his injury took him out of play in the 2011-12 season and forced his departure from Indianapolis. This really was his chance to show that he is healthy and healed now and he did it with ease. Peyton didn’t let the side down at all and ended up helping to guide Denver to an efficient victory over their Pittsburgh rivals. Don’t forget to check out the current odds for this season as the Steelers look set for a very good year.

Denver Broncos at New England Patriots (Sunday, Oct. 7)
Who doesn’t love an action packed game steep in historical rivalry? This game was always going to be one of the epic battles to crown the worthy winner. Let’s face it, the previous matches have been driven by inter battles against Manning and Brady.

Many of the games last season were decided by a single touch down so there was a lot of enthusiasm surrounding this game. When re watching this game, you can see how solid the offensive was from the Patriots and it was this solidarity that led them to a victory. Brady took down Manning once again, so let’s keep our eyes peeled for this seasons head to head against these too.

Worst games

Jacksonville Jaguars at Minnesota Vikings (Sunday, Sept. 9)
Both the Vikings and the Jaguars are known for their overpayment to players, quite often players that don’t perform as well as others.

With both teams under-performing in general and not taking the time needed to train their fledgling quarterbacks, this was never going to be a great game to watch. Let’s just say that it didn’t disappoint, with a poor showing from both the offense and defence along with poor management decisions, it was a flop from start to finish.

Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins (Sunday, Nov. 11)

The Miami Dolphins have had it hard haven’t they? From loss after loss they have endured some hard times over the past few seasons. This game was no different; especially when you consider that the Dolphins had a good starting line-up.

With Tennessee coming in off the back of a loss the game before, they were certainly in for a fight and let’s face it they were certainly the underdogs in this game. However with some questionable management decisions from the Dolphins and some tragic side lined player, this was only ever going to end up on way. The Dolphins lost 33-3, if that isn’t dramatic then what is?

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