US Nuclear Inspection Team Selected For Iranian Nuke Compliance Checks

by on 26/11/13 at 3:10 am

US weapons inspectors, Dan Savage and his husband Terry Miller (right) say they'll "shake things up  in the Iranian reactor rooms!"

US weapons inspectors, Dan Savage and his husband Terry Miller (right) say they’ll “shake things up in the Iranian reactor rooms!”

Washington, DC – (

Administration officials confirmed today that the two man nuclear inspection team selected to inspect compliance issues with the Iranian government will be leaving on April 1st to lay the groundwork for nuclear inspection preparations and site planning for follow-up teams. The two-man team will meet with Iranian officials in Tehran.

Gay rights proponent Dan Savage (D-weird) and his husband,Terry Miller (D-queer), reportedly attended a crash nuclear inspection course and will qualify as an official ‘UN weapons Inspector’ and both will be eligible for the $100K monthly salary paid by US taxpayers. The Obama Administration highlighted the appointment as further proof of the Administration’s support for Gay and Lesbian workplace initiatives.

The weekend agreement between Iran and six world powers – the U.S., Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany – is to temporarily halt parts of Tehran’s disputed nuclear program and allow for more intrusive international monitoring of Iran’s facilities. In exchange, Iran gains some modest relief from stiff economic sanctions and a pledge from Obama that no new penalties will be levied during the six months.

Additionally, the deal could potentially free up to $7 billion dollars to Iran during the initial phase of the agreement.

Because the deal has yet to be finalized, technically Iran is not yet required to follow through with the six month freeze of its nuclear activities.

According to Iranian officials, both Savage and Miller will have to sign a ‘No Homosexual Activity Agreement’ prior to entering the Islamic country. Better known as the ‘No Cornholing Pledge’, reaction from the US gay community was strongly worded and directed at the Iranian homophobic society.

Miller mentioned in his weekly ‘Bad Boy Review’ column that he’s looking forward to a radiant glow on his face after having naughty-naughty sex with partner Danny in the 1000 Rad-per-hour nuclear reactor section.

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