California Dems go for the Fluklear Option after Nostrildamus Steps Down!

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Fluke denies the rumor that she tried to dash a few hot pepper flakes on Billy Budds ultra-hot italian sausage.

Fluke denies the rumor that she tried to dash a few hot pepper flakes on Billy Budds ultra-hot italian sausage, but did say she spent over $3,000 on condoms last year and she doesn’t even have a dick!

Washington, DC – (
Henry Waxman has seen his future in Congress, and it doesn’t look good!
The wildly liberal, and personally unappealing snorting boar, along with several other spear carriers for Nancy Pelosi, have announced their retirement realizing the Dems are not going to be in power in the House of Representatives any time soon after their support of Obamacare, the wildly unpopular trojan horse guaranteed to bring down the American Economy and it’s place as a leader in the free world.

After 40 years (!) as the rep from West Los Angeles, and head of influential committees in Congress at the left hand of Pelosi, Nostrildamas looked into the future and realized his days as a liberal power wielding bully were over.

While no dem would ever lose an election in his district, Waxman was reluctant to go back to Congress in a diminished capacity and his lucrative pension and government protected heath plan would provide him with a comfortable retirement.

Said an aide, “Henry’s used to being a big swinging dick in government, and as he said,”going back to just being a minority hack…well, it’s just ‘snot me!”

Even though he’s going into retirement from government, he said, ” I’ll continue to stick my nose into other people’s business and support Obamacare, amnesty, transgender operations , and free cannabis for all!”

With his seat wide open and no chance of a Republican filling it, a host of Obamazombies are salivating about jumping into the no show job.

Leading the host of libs is serial feminist ‘organizer’ Sandra Fluke, who gained notoriety while attending Georgetown law school while still living at home in her folks basement. She graduated from Cornell University with a degree in VaginaNomics, as a vocal and annoying spokesperson for ‘Women’s Rights’ and free contraception.

After 10 years (!) at Georgetown on a basketball cheerleader scholarship, she finally graduated in 2013, allegedly with a law degree in ‘students for reproductive justice’ degree and was frothing at the mouth to get into politics “where she could really make a difference’ according to the bio written by a marketing team she borrowed from Texas ‘Abortion Barby’ Wendy Davis.

Now 32 after spending the majority of her life in ‘higher learning’ Sandra has finally moved out of the basement after being dropped from her parent’s health insurance policy, and is looking forward to moving into the political arena.

Prior to coming off her parent’s health care Sandra took advantage of the policy to remake her self in a more attractive package.

According to her Web Site she underwent Labiaplasty on her labia minora (before and after photos on her website), lyposuction, but enhancement, and a minor operation to correct her cross eyed nipples.

Said Sandra proudly after the operation, “Read my lips…tax the rich, no more guns, toke up for America, and remember, ‘loose lips sink ships!’

Said Waxman, “I considered a nose job myself, but then I wouldn’t have gotten this new lucrative job as the spokesman for Kleenex!”

Commenting on Waxman, Popeye Doyle, the detective in the famous French Connection movie said musingly, “I think Henry was the guy we caught picking his nose in Poughkeepsie…dirty bugger, eh?”

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    Feb 2nd, 2014

    ,,,has Jman tried “Liberal Tingle &Mingle” yet?????

    I sense a chance to Score!

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