Obama considering 3rd term run after Gender Reassignment to thwart Constitution!

by on 18/02/14 at 2:57 pm

By the looks of it, wearing Michelle's underwear might not be a problem afterall.

By the looks of it, wearing Michelle’s underwear might not be a problem afterall.

The White House – (satireworld.com)

LBGT supporters are beside themselves after hearing rumours AG Eric Holder is studying the legal ramifications of a sitting president changing his gender in order to seek a 3rd term as a different persona.

Insiders claim Valerie Jarrett is behind the initiative, which is supported by FLOAT-US,who has been rumored to wanting to call it a day in their marriage after Barry’s 2nd term ending in 2016.

The scenario is gathering the attention of Barry ever since reports have surfaced that Bruce Jenner, former father figure of the Kardashian porn empire, is seeking to become the matriarch of the publicity seeking female dynasty.

Recent stories discussing the reduction of the size of his adam’s apple, shots to his buttocks to enhance his femininity, and pictures of the former Olympic athlete in stiletto heels, a black body suit performing on a pole in a San Francisco strip club seems to indicate he could be serious about changing his image as a ‘ballsy stud former athlete.”

Rumors of Bruce in a porn video performing oral sex on Harry Belafonte are still just that,although the search continues for the ‘smoking gun!”

There seems to be some substance to the Obama rumor after it has been confirmed that Barry recently signed up to be an organ donor and contacted woman rights divorce lawyer Gloria Allred to negotiate a post presidency divorce from his masculine ‘wife’ Michelle.

According to close confidants of FLOAT-US,Michelle has claimed in disgust that Barry dislikes confrontation and ‘would rather join ’em than lick ’em!”

Organizing for Obama (OFO) the tax free annuity for the President is pushing for the transformation after being repulsed by the possibility of the conjoined Clintons gaining the nomination, or in the event Hillary gets pregnant causing her to ‘pull out’ the dems would be left with VP Joe Biden to carry the party’s standard during 3 televised debates with a Republican candidate that actually knew what he was talking about and could articulate it without becoming a laughing stock.

With the possibility of a Biden/Davis ticket GOP operatives are already preparing an election year jingo to poke fun at the potential candidates.

“They Cheated, They Lied, they said that they loved you’ is already catching on in a part of Maryland that wants to secede from the state after being disrespected by the left leaning progressives dictating how every one should live their lives.

In a poll taken by GLAAD, so far the name ‘Barbra’ is leading all suggestions for Obama’s new personage with ‘Sha-neka” running a close 2nd ahead of “La-a” with the – not being silent according to ebonics expert Sheila Jackson Lee.

The possible gender reassignment decision flies in the face of English Parliamentary History with one Former QUEEN saying, “Balls…if I had 2 I’d be King!”

Senator Ted Cruz immediately addressed the issue to the shock and chagrin of the pussy whipped Senate stating “Balls….isn’t it about time we elected someone who had a pair?”

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  1. Philbert of Macadamia

    Feb 18th, 2014

    A self fulfilling prophesy, as friends and foes alike have been calling this president a “pussy” for five years!

  2. captain america

    Feb 18th, 2014

    ….going back a few generations, way before POM’s time,
    Barry is definitely NOT the Cat’s arse…but’s he’s in close proximity!

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