Obama Directs FCC to Sit In on Satire World Editorial Conferences and Edit the News!

by on 21/02/14 at 3:59 pm

"SKOOB" the SW mascot finishes off another Obamacare Navigator at the entrance to the corporate offices after ignoring 'Trespassers will be eaten' signs. Said editor Tryhol, 'he's become more efficient since we got him a new set of dentures!"

“SKOOB” the SW mascot finishes off another Obamacare Navigator at the entrance to
the corporate offices after ignoring ‘Trespassers will be eaten’ signs.
Said editor Tryhol, ‘he’s become more efficient since we got him a new set of dentures!”

SatireWorld Corporate Headquarters

In another example of the non relenting subversion of the Constitution and fair representation, the FCC announced unilaterally that they were imposing the “Multi Market Study of Critical Information Needs’ (MMSCIN) by- passing input from at least one of the two republicans on the commission.

In case you missed it, the acting head of the FCC is one “filet’ Mignon Clyburn, the daughter of Jim Clyburn 3rd ranking democrat in the House of Representatives, and a rabid liberal and Obama supporter.(ed note: pardon the redundancy)

In a ‘nation wide search’ conducted by the administration, Mignon was appointed to the position by Obama in 2009 shortly after Big Daddy Jim, one of the most proliferate pork barrel thieves in recent history, supported him over Hillary in the 2008 primaries.

Under cover of pretending the FCC wants to ensure critical informational coverage on national emergencies and weather alerts, the real effort is pretty transparent.

Snuck in their high sounding rhetoric is their commitment to see that the ‘environment’ is featured in news stories in keeping with Obama’s push on Global Warming and the back door tax on cap and trade and the further destabilizing of profit making companies that supply jobs to the faltering economy.

While participation is called ‘voluntary’, as with anything involving Obama’s agenda, there is the inevitable threat of administrative action, investigations, threats of discrimination, racism and BTW: we see your broadcasting license renewal is coming up soon!”

Mignon has called the edict a ‘rare’ opportunity to look into internet news sites as well, and announced she is delegating Congress persons (sic) Alan Grayson and Debbie Wasserman Schultz to visit the publishing empire of Bargis Tryhol’s Satire World, located in a remote area of Orlando.

Tryhol heads a vast conservative empire including magazines “Soldiers of Fortune'”Mercenary Memos from the Battlefield’, “Straight Shooter,’ ‘Survival World’, “Bunker Remodeling for fun and profit’, ‘Road Kill Recipes’ and “Hum-V Mechanics.”

Publishing is only a small part of the empire, there’s his penis enhancement pills and dietary supplements, endorsements for beer commercials, conservative dating site “Jalapeno Hot Dates Anonymous’, and his outrageously successful bumper sticker and t-shirt production company, all with a conservative bent.

A hands on DYI practitioner we were able to contact Mr. Tryhol when he was in the midst of his latest landscaping beautification project at his majestic company offices up to his arm pits in pluff mud and biodegradable security measures.

Tryhol said, over looking his efforts pointed out he was increasing the depth of the moat surrounding the 145,000 square foot corporate offices, the new retina recognition device to raise the draw bridge, the recently sharpened bamboo pungi states dipped in bear scat, the relocation of a rather large family of water moccasins, and the ever growing progeny of his pet salt water crocodile ‘Skoob.”

“Everyone is welcome to try and come and see me and study how we come up with our award winning editorials, mind bending exclusives and expose’s ‘ he said chuckling as he pointed out Skoob who was sunning himself after disposing of an unlucky Obama Navigator who refused to take “NO’ for and answer and tried to back stroke across the moat. Said Bargis: nice teeth on ’em eh? Sent all the way to Manchester for a new set for the horny bastard!”

As for the word that Grayson and Schultz were tasked to over see his satire site, Bargis said, “tell them to come on. I think Grayson would make a fine representative to Puerto Rico and their export cocaine trade, and as far as my comment that I would’t piss on Debbie if her hair was on fire, I think SW is going to take up a collection to have her planted in Israel where they can ‘water her everyday and watch her hair grow.”

The massive cypress wood carved sign over the entrance to the expansive property says it all:


3 Responses to “Obama Directs FCC to Sit In on Satire World Editorial Conferences and Edit the News!”

  1. captain america

    Feb 21st, 2014

    and this just in: Bargis announced his new Reality Show; TERMINAL VELOCITY in which Jihadists admitted through Mexico, granted
    amnesty, voting rights and a tour of the White House, try to outrun a .308 ballistic cartridge before they can pull the pin on their suicided vest
    somewhere in down town Boston.

    Next episode: Muslims in Maryland protest for gun control outside Philbert’s house and get a lotta of ‘bang’ for their buck…

  2. Philbert of Macadamia

    Feb 21st, 2014

    The Obama administrations left wing excuse for their unconstitutional intrusions into everything and everyone’s lives is to study inequality and discrimination.

    Then if you don’t agree with President Obama’s liberal left wing agenda concerning (fill in issue here), you must be a racist, a homophobe or a Tea Party member!

  3. captain america

    Feb 21st, 2014

    …or write for SW and love crocs!

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