Deja Vu: Rice Briefs Obama on Ukraine: Blames Netflix for Releasing “Red October” on Kiev TV Forcing Reds to Invade!

by on 02/03/14 at 10:31 am

Well, it sure beats a flimsy excuse like blaming a situation on a stupid Mohammed parody!

“What does it matter at this point! Well, it sure beats a flimsy excuse like blaming the Bengazi disaster on some stupid-ass Mohammed parody on Utube!”

Washington, DC – (

While Obama’s “National Security Team” (oxymoron”) waited for Barry to show up for a Ukraine briefing to no avail, his diminutive Security Advisor Susan Rice of Benghazi infamy, put a new spin on the President’s incompetence by blaming Russian action on the re release of “Red October’ on TV stations in Kiev!

Responding quickly Secretary of State John Kerry hurriedly flew home from Palestine where he was negotiating additional aid for the persecuted, starving, peaceful ‘freedom fighters’ to announce that he was revoking the Visa for Sean Connery, while advocating Connery be blacklisted in Hollywood for appearing in any more ‘disgraceful, rabble rousing, nationalistic smearing of our good friend Vladimir!”

Former CN Senator Chris Dodd who often was featured on the same card as MA Senator Ted Kennedy in unpublicized “Waitress Sandwich Wrestling” (WSW) events was quick to support Kerry in his $2.4m a year job as president of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), saying “no more jobs for illegal Scottish Aliens who smear our
Russian Friends…and that’s all I’m going to say about that!” (Forest Gump lives and is getting rich in CA (while drowning in Tits along with Al Gore!”)

The IRS announced though suspended department head Louis Lerner, that they would reexamine Mr. Connery’s tax returns from 1975 and questioning his travel expenses involving commuting between shooting locations.

The SEC said it would be taking another look at the recent NETFLIX IPO and it’s astounding stock increase along with it’s P/E ratio.

Obama, who can’t even predict his next bowel movement leading to public embarrassment when he S****s himself, is said to be closeted with Valerie Jarrett, Sean Penn and Harry Belafonte in high level session to try and determine what his next strategic move should be since Putin has put him in a political box and taped both ends shut leaving him in the dark, once again.

SW has confirmed that Jarrett has issued a summons for Bill Clinton to appear “forthwith” in order to chair the committee and put a spin on the problem that the American public CAN SWALLOW.

Said Jarrett, “there’s no one like Bill who can spin an impending disaster into a winning 3-pointer with seconds remaining on the clock …he’s the master when it comes to spinning “THE BIG LEWINSKI!”

Meanwhile GOP former VP candidate and prognosticator Sarah Palin is enjoying vindication as all of her predictions on Obamacare and the ineptness of Obama have been confirmed. She was ridiculed in 2008 when she said Obama’s weakness and inexperience would lead Putin to make a move on the Ukraine.

She who laughs last, lasts best, eh?

6 Responses to “Deja Vu: Rice Briefs Obama on Ukraine: Blames Netflix for Releasing “Red October” on Kiev TV Forcing Reds to Invade!”

  1. captain america

    Mar 2nd, 2014

    no, Valerie you can’t make it up…but you’re dying to keep on trying!

    …you can’t keep spinning, without becoming dizzy!

    Tonya Harding

  2. Bargis

    Mar 2nd, 2014

    PERFECTO! The Captain nails it perfectly!

  3. Philbert of Macadamia

    Mar 2nd, 2014

    Bravo Captain!

    Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney also pointed out to President Obama that Putin’s Russian ambitions were still like those of the USSR.

  4. captain america

    Mar 2nd, 2014

    …exactly what happens when the stupid GOP rinos let progressive
    agenda driven ‘journalists’ moderate a lynching…

    tanks (oops) to all….

    wonder when Putin will negotiate Obama out of
    Brighton Beach, NY, where all the Russian speaking
    mafia hangs out….

  5. Philbert of Macadamia

    Mar 2nd, 2014

    Vladimir Putin wants Alaska back and Michelle. President Obama has called another meeting of the National Security Council, but is inclined to keep Alaska!

  6. captain america

    Mar 2nd, 2014

    …don’t bet on it…he’d do anything to get rid of Palin and it would be a 2fer, he could could cut out even more energy dependence in keeping with his agenda…not even Obama’s weatherstripping program could keep you from freezing yer arse off up in MD!

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