Obamacare Navigator Could Be key in solving Flight 370 Mystery!

by on 16/03/14 at 10:20 pm

Fred Noonan (left) was a navigator on Amelia Earhart's plane but his math was a little fuzzy and she missed her re-fueling stop by 500 miles, but she did sign up for ObamaCare.

Fred Noonan (left) was a navigator on Amelia Earhart’s plane but his math was a little fuzzy and she missed her re-fueling stop by 500 miles, but she did sign up for ObamaCare.

Chicago, IL – (satireworld.com)

After missing for 8 days with 239 passengers, Malaysian airlines flight 370 is now widely believed to have been taken over by a rogue pilot and bogus navigator, may turn out to be tied in with Obamacare, Chicago, and an Obamacare terrorist Navigator!

Rasmieh Yousef Odeh, a convicted terrorist who received a life sentence in Israel for 3 bombs that took 2 lives and injured dozens, served ten years, was exchanged to Lebanon, and wound up in the US and became a citizen in 2004, and finally an Obama Navigator(!) has gone missing and presumed to have wound up in the 3rd seat in the cockpit of the mystery airliner!

Rasmieh, with 9 different aliases, disappeared after investigators finally bothered to check her background by accident and discovered her fanatical history, facts the FBI glossed over when she applied and received US CITIZENSHIP!

Investigators conclude that with her time as an Obamacare Navigator, she was able to steal enough identities to make it almost impossible to trace her whereabouts or latest identity.

Malaysian authorities, a little slow on the uptake involving the investigation just today admitted that there was a late substituion in the airliner’s cockpit with the addition of one “Amelia Earhart” to replace a navigator who suddenly took sick before the scheduled flight to China.

Further detailed investigation revealed that “Amelia Earhart” had gone missing just prior to WWII while flying in the same general area of the now missing jet liner.

North Korea was quick to now blame the Japanese with Kim Dung Ugh taking to the airwaves saying it was “Deja vu all over again, just like Pearl Harbor…you can’t trust those slant eyes,” the Dennis Rodman fan said hysterically while ramping up his rocket shield, cutting down on his country’s rice rations and sipping Remi Martin in a snifter.

As a side note, Climate ‘deniers’ cited another scientific fact to debunk Al Gore and the Climate Fanatics about trumped up reasons for taxing the world for pollution and giving even more power to the European Union and the United Nations.

According to insiders, Al Gore was left speechless after flight 370 expended 9500 gallons of hi octane jet fuel and had left ‘NOT ONE CARBON FOOT PRINT!” One more inconvenient lie caught out as the free world fights for survival.

More after Seal Team 6 frees all hostages somewhere in Pakistan at a secret airfield code named “Obama Bin Lion!”

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