Second Gold Strike Rattles Blountstown Florida’s Citizens

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Florida governor Rick Scott says prosperity a nd a guaranteed third term is just around the corner.

Florida governor Rick Scott says prosperity and his guaranteed third term is just around the corner.

Alvin Miller Sr farmed his land for 52 years before expiring and leaving the family farm to Byron Lee Miller his son. Alvin Sr never found anything except a few arrowheads an jug of moonshine

Alvin Miller Sr farmed his land for over 50 years before passing it on to son Byron Lee. The only thing he found on the land were a few arrowheads and a discarded jug of local moonshine.

Byron Lee Miller holds one of the gold nuggets that were plugging up his well-head on his Blountstown, Florida farm Miller holds some of the gold that was plugging up his well head on his Blountstown, Florida farm.

Blountstown, Florida

Residents of the normally quiet town of Blountstown, Florida were stunned Saturday when geologists from Florida State University confirmed that the newly discovered gold deposits on Miller’s farm might exceed that found on another parcel of land last September.

“We estimate the yield from the Miller property to be around 124 metric tons of pure gold,” says Dr. Antwone Davis, an analyst for Florida State.

Byron Lee Miller found the gold while digging a new well on his 250 acre soybean field. “I was wondering what that stuff was that kept plugging up the well head. Finally, my son said ‘Pappy that there’s gold! Gotta tell ya, I almost pooped ma britches I was so surprised!”

The Florida gold rush has surprised many experts who long ago wrote off Florida as a productive gold bearing source. That is until the Parker Creek strike of 2012 which made a poor farmer named Peebles an instant billionaire and his dog Spooky an internet celebrity.

Peebles kept the find secret until he could excavate the source of the gold which turned out to be an underground spring that directly feeds into Parker’s Creek. The narrow creek runs directly through the middle of his 120 acre farm. Peebles recalled that on the first week of panning he plucked almost $345,000 dollars worth of nuggets from the creek…Some were the size walnuts. Peebles claims he’s walked the stream ‘a thousand times’ since he bought the land in 1988 and never saw anything that gave him a clue what was just beneath the surface of the ground.

“A layer of leaves always covers the bottom of that stream which normally runs pretty sluggish anyway, so I never noticed anything but a brownish color on the bottom. It was only when Spookie slipped and pushed away the leaf matter from the bottom that I noticed the hunks of gold all huddled together in a pile.”

Mining experts at Florida State University say they are stunned that such vast quantities of almost pure gold are being found in a portion of the state’s panhandle that has poor geological references to support such gold bearing strata. According to various university economic studies, the vast field of gold bearing deposits could encompass 134 square miles and by the year 2025 account for 90% of Florida’s tax revenue.

Governor Rick Scott claims by 2021 revenue from gold mining should be able to guarantee a free college education to everyone who desires to go to any state university and by 2025 revenue will pay for 100% of all healthcare needs of Florida 15 million plus residents.

Byron Lee Miller says he’s surprised by all the media attention and says he’ll keep on farming some and maybe take a vacation with his missus of 34 years, Anna Mae and their two sons Cletus, 24, and Jethro, 19. The Miller’s have owned their farm outright since 1979 when Alvin Miller Sr passed it on to his only heir Byron Lee.
Says Miller, “Too bad Pappy never found anything like this here gold stuff. He coulda got himself some new teeth and ate some steak before he passed on. Maybe even got his self a date!”

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  1. captain america

    Jun 7th, 2014

    … we go AGAIN!

    Even a blind pig finds a truffle once in awhile!

    The EPA is looking into the latest find and considering shutting it down
    due to concerns over the challenged Mud Turtle found in the bottom of the stream…not to mention the possiblity of calling it a ‘national monument’…

  2. Ken hillard

    Mar 20th, 2017

    If EPA intervenes over a turtle this would put them in violation of the Declaration of Independence of Life,Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.for all individuals involved with mininig this area.this will open a back door for US GOV to lay claim that the POPE now lives here.More ways to cap mining for no valid reason. Mud turtles are a dime a dozen.Was this a high IQ conversation.

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