Obama exhibiting classic signs of a ‘Stoner” Rolling Stone and High Times says!

by on 21/07/14 at 5:13 pm

This montage really explains what we have as our Commander-in-Chief...A pot smoking dud.

This montage really explains what we have as our Commander-in-Chief…A pot smoking dud.

The White House – (satireworld.com)

New reports are surfacing indicating that Obama hasn’t shaken his propensity to choom his way through the Presidency as disturbing incidences emerge from concerned democratic sources in congress!

While apologists blame Barry’s lethargy on a ‘huge work load’ and ’round the clock’ world crisis events, others see it differently.

A staffer for a long term liberal senator said, “we were at a closed door lunch meeting to discuss bringing in more illiterate aliens to replace the 18,000 furloughed professionals at Mico-Soft when the president went face down in his mashed potatoes!”

Yet another said at an impromptu meeting with Susan Rice to brief her on how to handle the Ukraine conference with Putin (as reported by E. Williams), Barry drifted off point and began rambling about his desire to be named to the US Ryder Cup by Captain Tom Watson in order to prove the US golf team was in decline and not ‘exceptional’ anymore!

Last week at a ‘sit down’ with an unemployed single mother of 13 at a local fast food restaurant to discuss the advantages of a $50 minimum wage to improve the economy, the President was seen opening 37 packets of ketchup to put on his Waldorf Salad before nodding off.

Apologist Kerry Kennedy at a recent fundraiser for the family ‘non-profit”, was heard to whisper to a serial family adulterer about to get married (again) ‘ I heard he’s confused his Viagra with Ambien…but I think that’s all bull shit…the guy’s a druggie who just can’t keep either of his heads up! (NPI)

Others are wondering if Obama is now suffering from West Nile Sleeping Sickness that has lain dormant for the past 40 years after he worked as an intern for his father’s goat tending & escort business. “You know what they say,”said an insider, “lie down with goats and you’re going to get some kind of sexually transmitted disease that eventually goes to your head, and then into your brain!’

Debbie Wasserman Schultz reached at a fund raising Mahjong game in Palm Beach said she had only two words on the rumours: ‘BAAAAAH Humbug!’

Another take on the matter came from a janitor inside the White House who said, “the President’s munchies have gotten so bad he’s been caught eating the old lead paint off the wood work not to mention licking Bo’s empty dish!”

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  1. Philbert of Macadamia

    Jul 21st, 2014

    The UN and the Choomer-in-Chief are concerned over 500 civilian Palestinian casualties in Gaza caused by the Hamas initiated rockets fired into Israel. However, both the UN and Barack ignore 200,000 (mostly civilian) casualties in Syria!

    Anyone remember his red line?

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