Obama calls visions of headless patrons in Mosul’s ISIS topless bar ‘troubling!”

by on 04/08/14 at 6:54 am

The only person in the world to ever give golf a bad name

The only person in the world to ever give golf a bad name

9th Hole Somewhere – (satireworld.com)

SW caught up with President Obama at the turn during his ‘pre-birthday’ golf tournament where he was sipping on an Arnold Palmer to axe him about the disturbing images of mass execution and decapitations occurring along the route ISIS terrorists are taking as they occupy almost one third of Iraq.

Feigning surprise, “Dude, this is the first I’ve heard about it…swear to God” Obama consulted his Blackberry confessing, ” I haven’t checked this since the last hole….OMG…tell me it ain’t so…people are losing their heads over a soccer match?”

SW was forced to bring the President up to date on what’s been happening while he’s been out shuckin’ and jivin’ amongst his base and the Hollywood high-rollers who mindlessly support his destructive policies and the disintegration of the country.

“Why these peoples always be hatin’, eh” he said dreamily…’can’t we just all git along and eat our peas?”

A MSNBC info babe then changed the subject and axed the Prez, “so how is your round going, are you sub-par? ” (Hint….insert your answer to the poll question here?)

Smiling at the chance to change the subject, Obama looked into the camera and said, “I never keep score, as I told Valerie, if you don’t keep score you can never be a loser and you can always be a winner in your own mind…regardless of what 93M unemployed ‘haters’ say!”

With that Obama nodded to Secret Service caddy to sign the tab for the group, jumped in his golf cart and headed for the 10th hole on his way to yet another 6 hour round of golf, while the rest of his posse struggled to fudge their game so as not to ruin the President’s game.

North Korea’s Kim Dung Ugh was reported to have made 18 hole’s in one the first time he played the game while Barry said his goal is to break 69.

We’ll give you a ‘heads up’ as more news from the Baghdad Open becomes available.

4 Responses to “Obama calls visions of headless patrons in Mosul’s ISIS topless bar ‘troubling!””

  1. E. Williams

    Aug 4th, 2014

    If you talk to him again on the golf course, tell him Sgt. Tahmooressi says HI from Mexico too!

    • Philbert of Macadamia

      Aug 4th, 2014

      King Obama doesn’t have time to care about the:UN bias against Israel defending itself in Gaza; 200,000 deaths in Syria (1/3 civilians); and ISIS driving 40,000 Christians and other minority religions out of Iraq and Syria.

  2. captain america

    Aug 4th, 2014


  3. Philbert of Macadamia

    Aug 7th, 2014

    Cartons of Kaopectate and ExLax have been delivered to the White House.

    The Kaopectate is to stop President Obama’s diarrhea of the mouth and the ExLax is to cure the president’s constipation on making any timely decisions!

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