When Bullying Cloaks Itself in the Guise of Intellectual Superiority and Descends Into Offensive Slurs, You Know You’ve Proved Your Point!

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In the case of Skoob1999 wearing a mask and costume is a way of hiding the person he hates the most

In the case of Skoob1999 wearing a mask and costume is a way of hiding the person he hates the most

Sometimes in life people just have a way of disappointing others simply by their  manipulation of honesty and truth

Sometimes in life people just have a way of disappointing others simply by their manipulation of honesty and truth

Somewhere in the USA – (SatireWorld.com)

Most sites such as Satire World are primarily focused on Satire; ironic, iconic, biting and often humorous, but they also provide a forum of sorts for those who desire to set their thoughts on paper and throw them out to the cyber universe to see what sticks to the wall. Sometimes, on second thought, you might even want to take some back, but it’s all part of what’s known in the West as Democracy.

These sites are meant to be a forum to write what you want within the bounds of human decency, libel laws, and while sometimes pushing good taste, a writer’s words are his own; to be accepted at face value or not, be read, or not, and often open up new literary avenues to explore as well as an awareness of life, politics, and humour in other countries.

So it has been for this writer who has a penchant to deflate the egos of pompous politicians, charlatans, and the occasional out of control Hollywood Ego Maniac.

During this adventure I have had the good fortune to meet and communicate with a plethora of writers from across the pond and have marveled at their wry sense of humour, self deprecation, and talent for words.

Naturally all creative writers, by definition, have egos which allow them to deceive them selves into thinking they are the next Hemingway, Peter Hitchens, or in a more salient case, the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln.

Most egos can be kept in check during our sojourns into this cyber medium as we navigate the nuances of social decorum, fair play, common sense, and the “Right to Write.”

Occasionally things go amok, usually when a particular participant with an agenda, decides he wants to change things up under the guise of ‘improvement’ or reaching out to a higher level of sophistication, when in fact, he wants nothing of the sort.

Actually, it’s all about HIM!

For those of you following SW in recent weeks you have noticed a spate of stories which appear to take some other writers and another humour site to task.

While not going into extreme, and personally distasteful depth, let it be said, many writers have either left the other site in disgust, or while still writing there, have not participated in the decidedly unfriendly atmosphere after it was taken over by a group of zealots under the guise of ‘improvement.’

The problem arose over a year ago when one or two individuals decided the site should change direction. Unfortunately, after extensive forum discussions, the owner of the other site, in a gross misunderstanding of the rules of management and business, decided to put the question to a vote.

When all was tallied, the usurper(s) was convincingly voted down.

End of story? Not quite. Then began a virulent tirade of snarky remarks on the forum, refusing to let the question rest, continuing to pick on a scab that wasn’t allowed to heal.

Collateral damage involved several gentlemanly writers who had been contributors and supporters of the site for years. Their contributions put under back door attacks and snide comments all of which were manipulated behind the scenes by a puppet master who masqueraded under the guise that “people can write what they want…I’m all for lack of censorship and editing…but by the way, haven’t we had enough of celebrity stories and short one liners….just sayin’ yer know!”

When one writer, a talented, and very prolific writer finally responded after being sullied about, one of the scab pickers than went postal and threatened to SUE!”

This on a satire site and after being hammered without mercy by a gathering cabal of bullies.

Another writer, who appeared very frequently on the forums then became the next target, being ridiculed, scolded, insulted, and trashed beyond human decency. The editor did not step in to control this attack, and when the good natured soul finally answered the insults and taunts by publishing the comments verbatim as an example of out of control forum decorum….she was BANNED! Go Figure.

Despite heated denials to the contrary, the group managed to split the site into two divisions, the UK version and the US version, according to them, “to elevate the content
to a higher intellectual level than that of our somewhat intellectually challenged cousins.”
I paraphrase of course, but this is basically what caused the change, which only widened the chasm between Brits and Colonists.

While the activists claim the UK site is doing so well due to it’s ‘intellectual cleansing’ pogrom the site has actually taken a 43% hit in the past several months.

Some writers have moved to SW, some have quit writing all together, a few good writers who are upset about the circumstances continue to write a few pieces ‘over there’ but are conspicuously absent from the forums which have now become what the usurpers had decried in the past, a bunch of back slappers who carry on private conversations amongst the few, and in their mind, intellectually privileged.

While this piece is not meant to unduly focus on dirty linen, it needed to be said in order to clear the air.

And as for the “Intellectuals” over THERE, when they allow discourse to descend to calling those who stood up for democracy, fair play, the real ‘right to write’, and honest discourse ‘another right wing Nazi Yank,’ well, in this case words (almost) fail me.

To them I say, ‘look in the mirror, re-read your posts, revel in your own bile.

I rest my Case.

4 Responses to “When Bullying Cloaks Itself in the Guise of Intellectual Superiority and Descends Into Offensive Slurs, You Know You’ve Proved Your Point!”

  1. Jalapenoman

    Aug 14th, 2014

    In retrospect, I think that all of the problems were caused by “lack of institutional control” by the inconsistent, spineless, and immature site editor/owner. He only had a backbone when he lashed out in anger (and generally at the wrong person). He also didn’t have the ability to control his brother and let him run roughshod over the site, giving others the idea that they could play similar games.

  2. Captain america

    Aug 15th, 2014

    …Obama comes to mind.

    the guys has no leadership or management skills, didn’t mind the store, and as you said was very insular listening only to the people that were the ‘squeaky’ hinge.
    readership is way down, and while there are still some good writers there, I think most are discouraged over Lowton’s lack of interest..like OBAMA he’d love to get out but I’m sure he’s getting a pay check
    for doing absolutely NOTHING about showing leadership….

    PS: he doesn’t like stories about BACON either!!

  3. Skoob

    Oct 4th, 2014

    Steve – I’m genuinely saddened that you feel this way. Myself and others went out of our way to welcome you. I met with you three times, in Portsmouth, Winchester and London. Do you really think I’d go to such lengths just to belittle somebody? That was never the case. I thoroughly enjoyed your company. The Striking Viking appeared to perceive things from a different angle and chose to send quite an astonishingly ill founded email. Her doing. Not mine in any way. You guys haven’t been particularly kind to me in any way – not that I give a shit – but there’s more than a hint of hypocrisy in everything you all do. I don’t hate anybody. I have my own website now but I don’t make a point of trashing you guys. It simply isn’t worth it. It’s just sad to see such vitriol spewed out willy nilly. I genuinely liked you Steve and it’s sad that you feel this way. I don’t. I have no time for petty grudges or hatred of any kind. I actually did articles for this site when it started out and in return I got articles like this pile of crap. And a whole host of others. Personally I don’t think I could stoop so low without dislocating a couple of vertebrae. Just let it drop eh? If you think I was ever insincere that’s your problem. Let it go.

  4. Bargis

    May 17th, 2015

    I bet jerkoff is a really big word in your vocabulary too…

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