Goodell calls for character references for Rae Caruth in run up to his return to NFL after release from prison in 2018!

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Fulltime idiot Sheila Jackson says she'll vouch for the brother and even try to get him a pardon because it's all a racist thing anyway.

Full time idiot Sheila Jackson says she’ll vouch for the brother and give him a glowing character reference. She’ll even try to get him a full presidential pardon because everyone knows it’s all a racist thing anyway.

San Diego, CA – (

OJ is said to have vouched for Rae Caruth before the new NFL panel of ‘Social Responsibility’ demanded by Obama and a militant GROUP Of LBGT badminton players to determine additional punishment for ‘african american crimes against the financial interests of the NFL and its sponsors”

Former Carolina Panther WR Rae Caruth says he had it all over to do gain, he would have used a switch instead of a gun to discipline his pregnant girl friend calling the death of his 8 month old premature child collateral damage during the assassination.

Ray Said he’s been staying in shape building up his body strength while incarcerated for 18-24 years after being found guilty of hiring a hit quad to shoot his girl friend in a phony drive by shooting.

His mistake, in hindsight, appears to be he orchestrated the hit in North Carolina, and not on the south side of Chicago where his guilt may never have been discovered due to the mundane weekend violence in Obama’a home town leaving thousands of black teens littering the streets on the south side.

Caruth says he still has good hands and fast moves, working out daily and weekends with former NFL quarterback and serial thief and confidence man Art Schlichter doing life plus 10 for scamming every family member and former friends in a life of serial acts of entitlement since the age of 8 and pee wee football when he began gambling on Little League games.

President Obama,stepping into the recent fray in the NFL said that while growing up in Kenya as one of many sons of Barack Obama, SR, he was often the target of his father’s drunken rage where he was beaten with a tanned water buffalo’s penis on ‘my skinny half white arse!”

Says BARRY, ” I soon learned to be a real good liar blaming all my transgressions on others; a trait that has stood me in good stead on my wAY to riches and power in the White Man’s house! When it comes to a good whoopin, it’s better to lie and say “you can keep your health plan PERIOD than lose an election!

As for Caruth, Barry said, “Just like Mike Vick he’s served his time so the man deserves another chance’, anything less would be racism, ” a claim backed up by AG Eric Holder who said, “Hey…Ray didn’t pull the trigger his own self, and besides no none ever checked to see if that kid was really Ray’s or if the bitch was disrespecting him!”

Roger Goodell is said to be considering a sabbatical for a ‘nervous condition’ as Debbie Wasserman Schultz is said to be lobbying hard for the job of Commissioner and a return to the days of Flag Football.

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  1. captain america

    Sep 17th, 2014

    …somebody surely beat her with an ugly stick!

  2. Bargis

    Sep 17th, 2014

    good one Cap! If they didn’t they should!

  3. captain america

    Sep 17th, 2014

    ….she’s also a wicked “switch hitter”

  4. E. Williams

    Sep 17th, 2014

    She-Jack Lee is also pushing for all players to sport crown weaves under their helmets to cut down on concussions.

  5. Captain america

    Sep 18th, 2014

    …when you got a athletic scholarships with a combined SAT of 47.5
    and never attended a college class or took a test your much brain damage could one wide receiver actually incur????

  6. Walter Bucket

    Sep 21st, 2014

    Wonder how many concussions a boxer can have before he is forced to retire?

  7. captain america

    Sep 21st, 2014

    ….I know I took at least 10 HEAD SHOTS before being forced to retire from The

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