Heightened security in White House as personal invitation from AbuL Bakr al-Baghdadi found on Obama’s pillow!

by on 21/09/14 at 8:57 am

Some White House insiders are suspicious of Abu Knoury the official White House hairdresser. Arouind the WH he's known as 'Abu ther Glider' and is suspected of being a homosexual.

Some White House insiders are suspicious of Abu al Knoury the official White House hairdresser from Lebanon. Around the WH he’s known as ‘Abu the Glider’ and is suspected of being a homosexual, as well as, a Democrat.

Washington, DC – (satireworld.com)

According to a source close to the president’s security detail the hand written invitation claimed that Barack’s approach to combat ISIS…was ‘stupid’ and proposed a ‘head to head ‘ meeting in DC claiming that “you’re much to busy to come to any of our conquered countries, and quite frankly Barry, I’d much rather surprise you!”

Al-Bagdadi is the alleged leader of the Islamist terrorist group sweeping through Iraq, Syria,
Jordan, Egypt and coming soon to Ann Arbor, MI, Boston, MA, Chicago, Il, and Lewiston ME.

He was released in 2009 from an Iraqi prison by Obama’s Intelligence team who declared him
‘a JV player who can’t shoot, bomb, or blow himself up and would never make the varsity!’

Security officials claim they have no idea where to start looking for the messenger as so
many muslims have access to the White House, Congress, and even the US Treasury!

The President, looking paler than usual, called on Congress to authorize 3500 boots on the ground to surround the Presidential Compound to protect against the implied threat, which he called a ‘virus’ that needs to be managed!”

The White House spokesman confirmed that Obama had cancelled 7 fund raisers, an appearance on The View, a one on one with Keith Olbermann concerning the NFL’s racism against black professionals, and a last minute trip to Atlanta to inform the owners of the Atlanta Hawks on his choice for new ownership , along with Michelle who was to tell food vendors at the all black stadium about the new vegetarian snacks and meals guaranteed to cut down aggressive behavior toward all the baby-mama fans in the city.

Obama said he will also have input into the half time entertainment and cheer leader selection and vowed, “I can guarantee all the brothers and sisters of Atlanta, Neil Diamond will never sing
in Atlanta, and they’ll be no skinny arsed white bitches leading cheers for the Atlanta Chicken-Hawks!’

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