Hillary cements claim to Presidency: Reveals Chelsea was surrogate for Illegal Immigrant!

by on 27/09/14 at 3:32 pm

The fathers....They were forced to draw straws before getting it on with 'Donkey Face'

The fathers….They were forced to draw straws by the guys in back before getting it on with ‘Donkey Face’

New York, New York – (satireworld.com)

Hillary Clinton made sure there would be no impediment in her relentless march to the White House by claiming Chelsea unselfishly carried the child of an illegal immigrant to wrap up the last ‘loose end’ standing in her way for a unanimous vote at the Democrat National Convention to continue the Clinton Legacy of going from “the poor house to the White House!”

The Clintons made no secret that they were ‘bat- s***” over Obama usurping Bill’s claim to be ‘America’s First Black President” and spent the last 6 years scheming to reclaim their position as “America’s First multi-racial tri-lingual Family.”

Barack Obama….Huma, Huma, Huma…..!

Chelsea’s alleged husband through an arranged marriage to cement the NY Jewish vote, Mark ‘what’s his name”, was said to be off on a trade mission to China to arrange a block buster IPO
involving a massive order for Clinton Election T-shirts with Hillary cradling her granddaughter and the rallying cry “QUE SABE?”

A spokesman for the “Chelsea, Hillary & Bill Charitable Foundation” said that they would be responsible for the child’s welfare ,including a chin implant and braces, until she reached the age of two, or until Jan 7, 2016, depending on the results of the election ultimately decided by the Supreme Court and their reading of true parenthood and ‘hanging NADS!”

Bubba Bill was said to be hard at work interviewing Nannies for his “half grand daughter”
who would be responsible for wet nursing, including ‘wetting the tip of his 12″ Cohiba cigar”
imported from Cuba thanks to NYC Mayor DeBlasio’s close trading alliance’ with he Castro government.

In order to recoup their $12M advance for Hillary’s book “Hard Up Choices”, her publisher said they will be reissuing it in Spanish and distributing it through all State Department Offices through the Southern Hemisphere under the new title :”donde enterre los cuerpos en al camino a la presidencia!” *

(*where I buried all the bodies on the way to the presidency!)

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  1. E. Williams

    Sep 27th, 2014

    I think it’s really shitty that Hil made Chelsea do this when she could have done it herself.

    Don’t they make paternity pantsuits for the thunder-thighed politician?!

    Come on, Hillary! Learn to lead by example, woman!

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