Afghanistan’s First Gay Pride Day Falls Flat With Quiet Kabul Crowds

by on 10/10/14 at 7:45 pm

Surprisingly, the crowd's mood darkened after the music stopped...

Surprisingly, the crowd’s mood darkened after the music stopped…

Sanshi Mohammed found it very difficult to hail a cab after the march in downtown Kabul

Sanshi Mohammed found it very difficult to hail a cab after the march fizzled out in downtown Kabul

Kabul, Afghanistan-(

A gay activist group from San Francisco’s Mission District organized a recent ‘Kiss-in’ and ‘Gay Pride Day Parade in downtown Kabul to protest the repeated efforts by the Taliban to ban homosexuality. Over 7,503 brave, gay activists boarded buses, jeeps, and trucks and drove the 350 miles from the Pakistan town of Ceanzi to the Afghan capitol city of Kabul.

Organizers promised a non-violent protest and said the ‘Kiss-in’ after the parade would be the largest same-sex kiss ever done in history. Police cordons kept the thousands of curious Kabul citizens at bay, many simply watching because they wondered what a ‘gay person’ really looked like and most were curious about so many pink turbans being in one place.

With 7,503 participants, and of course it being an odd number, several local’s were asked to voluntarily participate in order to give everyone a kissing partner and to round out the Kiss-In event. San Francisco residents, Ned Turner, Ed Patton, and Morris Goldberg grabbed several black-bearded men from the crowd and planted a big, fat, wet one on the surprised turban wearing Afganis!

The last straw seemed to be when a group of pink-clad activists took to the stage and began singing ‘YMCA’ and waving their arms to the beat of disco music that people began leaving.

With-in minutes the crowd dispersed leaving the activists alone on the streets and surrounded by thousands of black garbed Taliban fighters who promptly marched them out into the desert for a surprise game of ‘Taliban Spin the Bottle.’

The US State Department has promised all bodies will be flown back to San Francisco as soon as all the pink turbans and body parts have been recovered.

Next year’s event is on hold.

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