Doctor Reveals Obama Daughters Received Female Circumcision

by on 12/10/14 at 5:36 am

Obama also had a hole drilled in Joe Biden's head with a primitive flint drill so the evil vapors could escape

Dr. Obama also had a hole drilled in Joe Biden’s head with a primitive flint drill so the evil vapors could escape, but close associates feel it was really just another case of genital mutilation since the President often calls Biden a ‘dick head.’

Washington, DC – (

A former White House doctor revealed that his medical examinations of Natasha (Sasha) and Malia Obama showed that the girls had received female circumcision (sometimes referred to Female Genital Mutilation, or FGM, and Female Genital Cutting).  The procedure is almost exclusively used among Moslems/Muslims as a way to remove sexual pleasure for females during intercourse and as a means of showing male dominance and control over women and the sexual act.

The United Nations condemned the practice in 2012 (and has campaigned against it since the 1970’s as there are not medical benefits to FM).  They also report that the percentage of women in Kenya (which Michelle Obama has referred to as her husband’s native country) is 27%.

Dr. Brent Mathis said that “I saw what had been done to the girls when I gave them their physicals and was really upset.  The barbaric practice of removing the clitoral hood, clitoris, and labia is just stupid and inhumane.  When I tried to say something to the parents, the President said to stay out of his family’s religion and traditional religious practices.  I was asked forcefully to retire a few hours later.”

Dr. Mathis also said that. on his hiring, he was requested to remove the Caduceus from his medical coat as it too closely resembled a crucifix (which he was also forbidden to wear inside of the White House). The Caduceus is the medical symbol of a short staff surrounded by two serpents.

When asked about the procedure, Sasha said “you mean the day when Daddy had those witch doctor women come in and cut off parts of my cunnie?”

Malia, the older of the daughters, said “I could kill my father for this.  It makes it really hard for my Secret Service detail to get me off when parts of my women parts are missing.”

When asked if she had parts of her nether regions removed, Michelle Obama said simply “Aw, hell no!”


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