Texas Nurse Declared ‘Ebola-Free’ But Photo-Op Exposes Her to ‘Obama Fatique’

by on 26/10/14 at 6:31 am

Even members of Obama's cabinet are so fatigued they fall asleep in public.

Even members of Obama’s cabinet are so fatigued they fall asleep in public.

WASHINGTON D.C. – (satireworld.com)

Shortly after being released from the hospital and reportedly cured of Ebola, Texas nurse Nina Pham now faces a new struggle – Obama Fatigue. The patient has been thrust into the national spotlight during the last month and the last thing she needed was to be exposed to this condition that has swept the country.

Not long after Ms. Pham met with Obama in the Oval Office at the White House, she received a hug from the president and things began to change for the woman. Her friends noticed she started lying about everything, blaming Republicans for her illness and, at one point, couldn’t even remember where her birth certificate was.

The nurse, who is not a media whore, tolerated the president’s hug but was clearly ready to get out of the White House and return to her normal life. “Like many Americans, I’m just so tired of the whole Obama thing,” she said. “He made tons of promises and none of them came true. I’m just so tired of the empty rhetoric and arrogance. I didn’t even want to hug him but he insisted we do it for the cameras. This was my moment and, as usual, he had to go and make it all about him.”

Nina said she also noticed she hadn’t been feeling like her old self since the hug and said she couldn’t stand the thought of feeling this way for the next two years. So far, their is no cure for Obama Fatigue. Patients are advised to vote Republican in the midterm election as the only way to slow the spread of the disease until a cure can be found.

“Haven’t I been through enough?!” Pham exclaimed. “I survived Ebola and then, with a weakened immune system, they expose me to this! I’m not sure who’s responsible but I’m going to sue someone. And because of the midterms I’m having to suffer by seeing Michelle out there all the time too! This is bullshit.”

We wish Ms. Pham a full recovery and we hope she realizes she is not alone in her struggle to live with Obama Fatigue. It’s certainly no fun.

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  1. Bargis

    Oct 26th, 2014

    What the reviewers are saying about this post……….

    ‘masterful and full of suspense’


    ‘edge of your seat 1950’s horror experience!’

    ‘so dramatic I pissed my pants’

    ‘in the shoes of Hitchcock’

    ‘It’s like Hemmingway meets Rodney Dangerfield’

    ‘I thought it was real’…Hillary Clinton

  2. captain america

    Oct 26th, 2014

    ….hug a thug…if you like VD you can have mine…”havin’ yer period??”

    when she said Obama was ‘number 10″ she wasn’t referring to his
    low hanging fruit….

    “…he’s so handsome I could hardly get his tongue out of my mouth…!
    “he tried to get me out of my pant’s suit, but he needed more than 2 hands!”
    “gave meaning to the term “panty hose”…guess I better save them in case it comes up again (in a court of law!)
    Barry has a sit down with the kids: “…tell the truth: Who’s yo Daddy?”

  3. E. Williams

    Oct 26th, 2014

    Sorry about your pants, Bargis. I owe you.

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