Washington State Liberals Stoop To New Form Of PC Stupidity

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We guess it can be used to cut a bologna sandwich now and then...

We guess it can be used to cut a bologna sandwich now and then…

Auburn, WA – (satireworld.com)
via Ben Shapiro- Truth Revolt

A school in Auburn, Washington, a Seattle suburb and not far from the site of Friday’s school shooting, has decided to allow a Sikh student to carry a ceremonial dagger.

School officials said that there are religious exemptions in state and federal “zero tolerance” policies in allowing the student to carry the weapon called a Kirpan.

“The knife can’t come out. It can’t be shown around. It needs to be underneath their clothing,” Auburn Assistant Superintendent Ryan Foster told a local television station. “That allows them to express their religion without jeopardizing anyone’s feeling of safety. If there are any problems, we will take it to the family, but we don’t expect any.”

Parents, though, aren’t happy. One said she would quit volunteering at the school; another said “They can’t take that thing into the airport. … Why is a school any different?”

A local radio host, Dori Monson, railed about the decision on KIRO 97.3 FM. “If you leave a butter knife in your son or daughter’s lunch bag, they get expelled – they get kicked out of school,” Dori said, according to MyNorthwest.com. “But this kid is going to be able to bring a sword into the classroom?”

Monson also said: “When you expel kids for leaving a folding knife in their purse …, but you let the Sikh kid bring a dagger into the classroom every day, I would say political correctness has gotten completely out of control. Our schools have gone insane.”

via Ben Shapiro – Truth Revolt

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  1. Philbert of Macadamia

    Oct 26th, 2014

    Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago has also made an exception. He has set up self-study charter schools for educating rival gang members only, they can also bring their weapons and the school doors will be locked all day.

    This approach gets the guns off Chicago streets and any money saved by taxpayers for extra police will be employed for other necessary expenses at the end of each school day!

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