Reverend AL Sharpton’s Protest Gets The Shaft

by on 17/12/14 at 10:10 am

What is wrong with this guy's head?

What is wrong with this guy’s head?

Attorney A.J. Calhoun promises to hold a protest march chanting...."Don't Use a Bow on the Bro"

Attorney A.J. Calhoun who represents Rodney and Tatum promises to hold a protest march chanting….”Don’t Use a Bow on the Bro”

Brooklyn, NY – (

Two African American gangbangers Rodney Jones and Tatum Shultz were rushed to Kings County Hospital suffering from wounds in their posterior regions according to emergency room doctors. In fact the doctors were almost giddy over these two patients embarrassing predicament.

Meanwhile the Reverend Al Sharpton showed up from upper Manhattan to picket the hospital with about 40 people who had their hands up and chanted about more police brutality against unarmed black teenagers.

Just about the time the “sanctimonious twits” were on the verge of rioting, breaking windows and trashing the hospital building New York City Riot Police showed up pushing the crowd back, calming them down. A second police vehicle pulled up with another police officer, two African American preteen boys and their angry father Ralph Smith.

Ralph Smith explained to the crowd that his twin sons Barry and Joe had both taken up archery in the backyard of their home, located in a nearby neighborhood. After awhile they got bored with shooting at stationary targets and began shooting at any gangbangers walking past the house. At first the gangbangers laughed as the twins missed, but then the twins got better and gangbangers avoided walking near the house.

Ralph also said Rodney and Tatum wearing their jeans below their butts, walking past the house, apparently didn’t get the word and the twins bagged the two assholes in their assholes with soft tipped arrows.

The crowd outside the hospital dispersed running for the Subway to go back to Manhattan, but the Reverend Al Sharpton was nowhere to be seen!

4 Responses to “Reverend AL Sharpton’s Protest Gets The Shaft”

  1. Philbert of Macadamia

    Dec 17th, 2014

    President Obama played the race card again this morning during a TV interview, making remarks about African Americans being treated as servants.

    However next time you are staying in a $10,000 per night Paris France hotel during a presidential trip (at US taxpayers expense), make sure the chambermaid is not Michelle Obama. Then please tip the chambermaid generously!

    • Walter Bucket

      Dec 17th, 2014

      Al can lose weight anywhere but his Big Head!

      • Philbert of Macadamia

        Dec 17th, 2014

        His head is what a failed Cranialrectalectomy looks like!

  2. Walter Bucket

    Dec 17th, 2014

    “A failed Cranialrectalectomy”. That was just on the etip of my tongue. Exactly. Well, guess I would have put it, “Poor old head done wore out 3-4 bodies”.

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