(satireworld.com) Walter Bucket Presents: TRUE FACTS……..according to Nopes! #106

by on 21/12/14 at 7:12 pm

For the next year expect the White House B-S Meter to be pegged at ultra high.

For the next year expect the White House B-S Meter to be pegged at ultra high.

(satireworld.com) Walter Bucket Presents: TRUE FACTS

1. VP Joe Biden to reporters in late November: “The way things are going around the White House, I’ve half a mind…..to…uh..well, I forgot! Just everybody smile at the cameras.”

2. Mexican illegals bribe border guards with bags of Spanish Fly.

3. Once again there’s a tie for the top Satire Sites on the Web as Wikipedia and Snopes have done it for the third year in a row! Those people can really crack you up.

4. Dems getting little sleep at night and it’s beginning to show. It seems that they are having nightmares about all those dead people they have copied from tombstones to vote, have taken over their dreams with nightmares.

5. During the 1936 Olympics in Berlin and also D-Day, apparently Hitler was out playing golf.

6. According to Carl in “Sling Blade”, it’s the SECOND cut that cuts the deepest, unlike the song.

7. It was John Steinbeck that first came up with the term: “You might be a redneck” from his short story “The Rednecks of Wrath”!

8. The most slapped person on television? Wink Martindale!

9. TRUE: Mothers nursing their sons until they are 18 years old leads to homosexuality.

10. Jokers arrested in Tennessee after telling Village Idiot that part of Michael Jackson’s DNA is in a dog turd. After downing the treat, he’s been dancing like a fool all over Jonesboro.

11. Polls show that the first jobs most of our college graduates have is the job of redoing their old room or basement at their parents, before moving back in.

12. TRUE: Hundreds of huge sharks spotted in fairly shallow water in the Sea of Mongolia!

13. Latest Census shows that there were less missing newspaper boys found locked up in the attic of old lady’s homes than in the past fifty years. Many credit the death of Maude Frickett.

14. Hundreds in Spain still traumatized over the 2011 bull raping a matador during bullfight.

15. PETA Idiot still asking strangers what happened to the little Crickets when Buddy Holly’s plane went down!

-Walter Bucket

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