Strange Happenings Reported in North Korea

by on 23/12/14 at 6:30 pm

North Korean girls marching to a different tune for sure!

North Korean girls marching must give Dear Leader Kim Song-Un a woodie!

Pyongyang NK – (

The FBI has accused North Korea (NK) of hacking Sony Pictures Inc computers, stealing executive emails and making physical threats against Sony and other US organizations that would show the film “The Interview.” This black comedy film is about the assassination of Kim Jong Un, NK’s Supreme Leader. President Obama has promised retaliation tactics by the USA to NK at a time and place of his choosing.

Kim Jong Un has threatened that unspecified terrible consequences will be wrought by the soldiers of the 1.2 million man NK People’s Army, if the USA retaliates. However the South Korean (SK) news media is reporting the following events occurring north of the 38th Parallel:

  1. Water reservoirs of all the NK military bases, including Pyongyang, are now filled with Prune Juice. The NK soldiers did not notice any color or odor change from that of the water they were drinking.
  2. Toilets, plumbing and sanitary facilities at all the NK military bases, including Pyongyang, are now clogged or overflowing. An emergency request has been made to China for 1.2 million Porta-Potties.
  3. NK State Television in Pyongyang is off the air due to TV personnel being indisposed, as they are part of the NK military. Thus, “Good Morning North Korea” hosted by Kim Jong Un is unavailable for broadcast. The people in NK who have TV sets are watching cartoons aired by SK television stations.

President Obama on a Hawaiian golfing vacation was deluged at the 18th hole by reporter’s questions about the events transpiring in NK. The president replied that “he only knows what he reads in the newspapers!”

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