NYC’s de Blasio May Be Recalled Under Mayoral ‘Lemon Law’

by on 24/12/14 at 12:40 pm

Comrade de Blasio wants total control

Comrade de Blasio wants total control unless you’re a lesbian, gay, transexual, communist, socialist, liberal, a minority, a democrat, terrorist, black, brown, muslim, homeless, on welfare, unemployed or otherwise disenfranchised in some way, then you’re ‘cool’ and then you get a wink and a nod.

The last three white straight males in New York City drop shorts for a royal de Blasio salute!

The last three straight white males in New York City drop shorts for a royal de Blasio commie salute!


Sometimes in the political world, voters shit a brick. Well, pretty often actually. Such was the case when New Yorkers voted in a communist mayor to replace Napoleon Bloomberg. Fortunately, in such cases, voters are allowed a do-over if the winner of a contest proves in a short period of time that they suck beyond all reason and don’t appear to be able to change anytime soon.

Mayor de Blasio of New York City seems to fit the criteria under New York’s Lemon Law. Under a provision in the law, it states that “if an elected official shall continually make such asinine statements and exercise such actions as to make many in the community wonder if the official might be mentally deficient, or have a bizarre, illogical worldview, the official may qualify for replacement by voters in the community.”

De Blasio clearly fits the criteria. What remains to be seen is whether New Yorkers enjoy being ruled by a dim-witted communist who pals around with Rev. Al Sharpton and would like to ban all horse carriage rides while demanding NYPD officers patrol the city on unicorns.

De Blasio has lately enraged many by inciting protests and siding with protesters in his city, while alienating his own police force. He might feel differently if there were trouble at his house and the police decided to wait a bit before responding. This would never happen because the police live by a code of honor – to help those in need, even if the one in need might not deserve it.

De Blasio knows no such code of honor. His allegiance is only to the cause of communism and furthering its agenda in America. In a visit recently, police officers turned their backs to de Blasio. It’s probably time for New York voters to do the same.

5 Responses to “NYC’s de Blasio May Be Recalled Under Mayoral ‘Lemon Law’”

  1. Captain america

    Dec 24th, 2014

    73% of the turn out voted for him….
    Let them figure it out! Him and moonbeam brown!

  2. E. Williams

    Dec 26th, 2014

    True, let them get what they deserve by voting for him.

  3. Reefer

    Dec 28th, 2014

    Only 24% of all registered NY voters voted for this ass.
    Weiner would have won easily if he didn’t diddle himself on twitter.

    • Reefer

      Dec 28th, 2014

      I’m sorry I meant to say only 24% of all registered NY voters voted in total. Please vote elections do matter.

      • E. Williams

        Dec 28th, 2014

        Absolutely true, Reefer. Whether you vote, vote as a low-info, or sit it out, it all matters.

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