Obama Continues to Blame Bush

by on 03/01/15 at 7:00 pm

Wonder what happens when the next Republican gets into office...Blame Obama?

Wonder what happens when the next Republican gets into office…Blame Obama?

Washington DC – (satireworld.com)

Left wing Democrats have politicized the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to a point where this organization will do or say anything to accuse the Republicans of a War on Women.

A Democratic liberal Obama appointee at the HHS, while watching porn on his computer, noticed that women without any pubic hair seem to be Hollywood stars, super-models and porn stars. This genius wondered if female lawyers, doctors, engineers and other professional women also experienced the same upward mobility by appropriate tonsorial actions.

The man (name being withheld) received a US taxpayer funded grant of $3 million from HHS to send out a personal questionnaire to 100 million American women over the age of 21 to answer the question. (US Constitution fourth amendment considerations prohibited any other course of action by federal agencies.)

The results of the questionnaire were within a hair of each other. However, President Obama plans a major speech from the Oval Office blaming “bush” for holding women back. First lady Michelle Obama will ask Congress for $1 billion for her new “Let’s Shave It” program!

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  1. Bargis

    Jan 3rd, 2015

    Good one PoM

  2. Philbert of Macadamia

    Jan 4th, 2015

    Thanks Bargis.

    Thanks to BOZO THE CLOWN Tee Shirts with President Obama’s picture on them, the Republican Party has raised $100 million!

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