Show Me Duh Money!

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Professional shake down artist

Professional shake down artist

New York, NY – (

The Reverend Al Sharpton telephoned National Basketball Association (NBA) headquarters located in the city and made an appointment to see the NBA Commissioner. Mr. Sharpton called from his National Action Network (NAN) Offices in Manhattan and then took a cab to the NBA building for the meeting.

The NBA Commissioner got right to the point stating the NBA has between 70-80% African American players at any given time, so what do you want now Al more money for NAN, more management positions?

Reverend Sharpton indicated he desired the NBA to reduce the number of African American players to 40% by the end of the 2015 basketball season and transfer these cut player contract’s to NAN.

The NBA Commissioner was astonished! He quickly recovered and told Reverend Sharpton such an action would ruin US professional basketball for several years. Al what would you do if the NBA refused?

Reverend Sharpton indicated he would go on his MSNBC TV program, saying the NBA was planning to fire all their African American players and ask for a total boycott of this seasons basketball games.

Reverend Sharpton left the NBA headquarters with all the post dated African American basketball player contracts he wanted. Meanwhile, the NBA Commissioner called the FBI and then FedEx’ed a recording of the NBA meeting conversation to their NYC offices.

The FBI has been monitoring the Reverend Sharpton’s phone conversations (with a warrant) after the IRS indicated he owed $4.5 million in back income taxes. The US Treasury Department also discovered (with a warrant) that NAN had received an electronic funds transfer of $1 Billion from a North Korean Bank. The money was in exchange for Dennis Rodman becoming the North Korean Basketball Association (NKBA) Commissioner and establishing basketball teams populated by all African American players, e.g. the Red-Skins, the Bolsheviks, the Maoists, etc.

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