Traveling to the Middle East? Better Not Unless You’re Rambo

by on 11/02/15 at 6:00 am

Kill them all and let God sort them out

Rambo recommends the all inclusive Syrian-coast cruise package with its own sight-in target range and plenty of black bearded target holders.


The White House today confirmed the death of American hostage Kayla Mueller who had been held by JV terror group ISIS since August 2013. Details of Mueller’s death have been mysteriously kept secret so far, a stark difference from previous hostage deaths which have been videotaped and widely distributed by the JV terror group.

Speculation runs from Mueller being the victim of a Jordanian airstrike on a ISIS target to the JV group ending her life in an undisclosed way. Better odds are that Mueller succumbed to climate change, a threat far greater than ISIS, according to the White House. This article is in no way minimizing the tragedy of Kayla’s death.  Just the opposite.  It is an outrage that, in light of the fact that the administration knew of her whereabouts down to the building in May of last year, the White House acted on a rescue plan with the same swift speed in which they responded to Americans pinned down in Benghazi. Maybe if Kayla had been a military deserter we could have traded some terrorists for her release. Once again, the same ineptitude we are used to from this group has reared its ugly head and cost the life of another American.

You could say political correctness is responsible for Kayla’s death, but that would be letting the President and his advisers off the hook. While they continue to show a lack of resolve on this front, more innocent people lose their lives. I’m sure Kayla’s family and friends are quite comforted during this horrible time by the feigned outrage and hollow promises for justice they are hearing from a confused bunch of Islamic apologists in charge of our country.

From the President to his 17 year-old WH spokesboy, Josh Earnest, to the State Department Sorority girls, the message is clear: Should you decide to travel anywhere near the Middle East, know that you are on your own. If things go bad for you, and unless you’re Rambo, you’re up Shit Creek under this President.

4 Responses to “Traveling to the Middle East? Better Not Unless You’re Rambo”

  1. Philbert of Macadamia

    Feb 11th, 2015

    Don’t step in the Obama, as it never comes off your shoes and the smell is real bad!

  2. Walter Bucket

    Feb 11th, 2015

    Looks like it’s Rambo or Neck Hole!

  3. Philbert of Macadamia

    Feb 11th, 2015

    The Incompetent in chief has changed his mind again about boots on the ground to defeat ISIS, asking Congess fo authoization.

    Meanwhile the Democratic controlled FEC Is going to regulate poltcal speech on the net.

    Satire World will have to disclose how much money It gave to Obama!!!!

  4. Captain america

    Feb 12th, 2015

    …..When will the random acts of workplace violence stop?

    ….raise the minimum wage and cut hours to 12 a week
    Plus maternity leave paid for 60 months for unwed mothers not to
    Mention reluctant fathers!

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