Captain America Claims…”Once You Look Closely, Climate Change Guru Nuttier Than a Snickers Bar”

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Whoring climate change? Rajendra, who once worked as a train conductor, also cross dresses as a transvestite prostitute on weekends and holidays to earn a few extra rupees

Whoring climate change?
Rajendra, who once worked as a train conductor, is known in India as a ‘global warming transvestite’ who on weekends and holidays likes to earn a few extra rupees by lap dancing older men.

Mumbai, Idia – (

International Climate Change Guru and multi millionaire Rajendra Pachauri is under fire again, this time in relation to his just published Romance Novel ‘Return to Almora’ detailing his many conquests while acting as a train conductor.

As if recent revelations from the head of the Climate Research Center (CRU) confirming that there had been no global warming in the past 15 years wasn’t enough, reports are now surfacing from jilted lovers that Pachauri’s accounts of sexual exploits during his youth were also tainted by his hypnotizing ways convincing them they were ‘REALLY HOT’ and needed sex to ‘cool them off.’

Said one conquest, who refused to be identified, ” He was really persuasive and attentive. He’s really quite unattractive, but I was lonely and convinced I was frigid. Somehow he convinced me I was ‘REALLY HOT’, and so I gave in.

It was LIES….all LIES!

Pachauri who sits on over 20 climate change mega companies profiting from the Climate Change Hoax, is also the Director General of of TERI Energy a spin off of TATA Energy Group a private company with interests in some of the world’s biggest energy related companies, all of which profit from findings controlled by Pachauri.

No one knows how much the smooth talking seducer is making from his positions, and even the UN who appointed him to his position as head of the Climate Control Commission REFUSES to disclose how much he is getting paid.

Rumours are now circulating that Pachauri is going to make Madoff look like a piker in this, the world’s largest Ponzi Scheme, which could add further stress to the fragile world economy.
Recent revelations do confirm that the silver tongued former train engineer with a degree in economics and no background in climate control, is raking in millions from companies benefiting from the bogus scientific studies.

Pachauri is known as India’s Al Gore, but MUCH thinner.

Gore, the infamous GAS BAG who won the Nobel Prize for MORE LIES, and is, like Pachauri, profiting enormously from unfounded, unresearched, and bogus studies predicting that due to Global Warming Alaska and Siberia will once again be joined by a land bridge as the seas dry up and recede.
One ex-pat journalist, Earl Grey, who recently moved to Russia, and eventually to Siberia waiting for the land bridge to emerge was furious when he learned of the subterfuge. “Here I was, the only journalist on hand, a big scoop guaranteed when I went on a walk about to Anchorage in order to interview Sarah Palin…what a pack of LIES! Bastards!”

A disheartened Grey said he was so devastated he was planning to move to a warmer climate where he was assured by UK Government officials he was still eligible to receive an ‘air conditioning allowance’ for ex pats living in foreign countries. “Thank God for Big Labour,” he was heard to exclaim as he packed a minimum carry on bag heading for Pattayla.

Oprah now says she will be interviewing Rajendra and discussing his “HOT” new book in the coming weeks. Larry King is said to be “VERY HOT” to read it, and then talk privately to Rajendra about his conquests, which he said closely parallels his own early sex life and the remarkable similarities between the two; it seems both need suspenders to support their egos.

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    ……you just can’t get rid of these people…and you can’t make
    Them up!

    Expect Obama will wind up at UN by 2017 in charge of
    Redistribution of Global Taxes!

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