Liberals Admire the Destructive Efficiency of ISIS in Middle East

by on 09/03/15 at 8:09 pm

According to the DNC, looting is fast becoming the preferred way to rearrange US cities today.

According to the DNC’s head designer, looting is fast becoming the preferred way to spruce up US cities today
and lessons can be learned from ISIS interior designers like Mohammed Kouri who recently helped with the public library in Mosul by giving it a new look. (above)


If you look around America at cities that are going bankrupt, have dilapidated housing projects, and have huge numbers of their citizens moving away in search of a better life elsewhere, they all share a common thread – they were all destroyed by the utopian dreams of liberalism. Detroit is the shining example of this catastrophe but other cities like Chicago, New York City, and places in California are not far behind.

After decades of overspending, increasing taxes, poor management of their school systems by union leaders, and wasting countless billions on welfare payments to those who don’t deserve it because they could be working if they tried, these cities are all becoming victims to an idea that is destined to fail. No matter where it is tried, the results are always the same.

Now, in the Middle East, terror group ISIS is marching across large areas of land, invading cities, killing it’s inhabitants, and destroying infrastructure at lightning speed. When the group gets through with a town in this region there is little more than rubble left. They destroy churches, monuments, housing, ancient artifacts, and burn books, art, and other valuable pieces of a town’s history.

The destructive power and speed of the group has caught the attention of some liberals here in America. Ginny Gilchrist, a liberal in San Francisco, told us, “You have to admire their sense of purpose. I mean, look at what we do. We spend years, even decades, taking the long route through elections trying to become ensconced in positions of authority in government, school boards, universities, and the legal system before we can unleash our ideas that eventually, slowly I might add, obliterate a city until it’s just a shell of it’s former self.”

Gilchrist continued, “ISIS accomplishes this in record time. As a Democrat, you can’t help but be impressed by how quickly they are fundamentally transforming the Middle East. They put President Obama to shame! Maybe it would be wiser for us, as liberals, to just lay waste to our enemies, torch and destroy the infrastructure and then they can live in the utopia we long to create – equal misery for all. I’m not sure how to go about starting something like this here in America but I’m definitely going to bring it up at the next PTA meeting.”

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  1. Bargis

    Mar 9th, 2015

    mmmmmmmmmmm nice one

  2. Philbert of Macadamia

    Mar 9th, 2015

    There is a female food fascist author/lobbyist who advocates for the government (federal and state ) to control supermarket item placement, portion size, menus, and what US citizen’s can eat every day etc in her quest for skinny Americans.

    How about Obama progressive/liberal’s letting kids be kids, playing dodge ball, taking recesses, run around, sledding, use swings and get your noses out of our family lives!

  3. E. Williams

    Mar 10th, 2015

    Thanks dudes.

  4. captain america

    Mar 10th, 2015

    ….as they say in Berkely :Take down that flag!!”


    “IF I HAD A HAMMER…..”

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