City Jurisdictions also Over Regulate Citizens Activities

by on 23/03/15 at 6:30 am

In Pizmo Beach, the 'free' idiot test raked in almost $56,000 last year beating out traffic tickets for dirty windsheilds.

In Pizmo Beach, the ‘free’ idiot test raked in almost $56,000 in revenue last year beating out traffic tickets for dirty rear windshields.

Pizmo Beach Pennsyltucky – (

All over the USA average citizen’s activities are being both regulated and criminalized by elected and appointed members of Federal, State and City governments. There are examples of cities and towns trying to ban sugary soda and salt (food police incumbents); banning the use of leaf blowers due to noise and limiting water usage in showers (environmentalist incumbents); and banning the flying of American flags (Marxist progressive protesters).

The latest ridiculous regulations occurred here in Pizmo Beach where a group of environmentalists and animal rights activists convinced the town council to regulate the tradition of ice fishing on beautiful Lake Pizmo during the winter months, via local ordnance. These activist groups warned that people ice fishing are ruining the natural formed ice and/or hurting the types of fish they catch! The very rational argument of local anglers, that the lake ice melts in the spring and the fish are eaten did not prevail.

A chief “Ice Hole” Inspector named Bob Berg was hired to insure that the new rules of ice fishing were followed. Since there are no formal state rules (only safety rules) for “Ice Hole” fishing another 50 assistant non-union “Ice Hole” Inspectors were hired to help write and enforce the new “Ice Hole” fishing rules. Items like the size of the hole in the ice, the type of plastic hole liner, using no live bait, don’t step on the fish, don’t drink water made from yellow ice, etc and a $500 fine per infraction if these rules weren’t followed.

At this point an out of state “Ice Hole” Inspector’s Union showed up and tried to organize the 50 assistant “Ice Hole” Inspectors (the chief inspector is management), who all said no. The Union Organizer Michelle had an Obama bumper sticker on her Prius and was overly dictatorial!

The newly enacted “Right to Work Law” in Pennsyltucky was being violated and all parties concerned wound up in state court. The judge issued an injunction, chastising the union and suspending the “Ice Hole” fishing rules. All you Pizmo Beach residents can thus return to ice fishing without “Little Brother” watching, but you still need a fishing license!

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  1. captain america

    Mar 23rd, 2015

    ….size of “legal”. Fish harvested is now limited only by size of the
    A-hole charged with designating size of the Ice-hole….

    Talk about a mirror image!

    • Bargis

      Mar 23rd, 2015

      PoM is in rare form…I heard they wear yellow and pink burkas to the beach in Pizmo Beach

      • Philbert of Macadamia

        Mar 23rd, 2015

        PETA keeps trying to get fishing banned and in either Maine or Vermont went after ice fishing.

  2. Philbert of Macadamia

    Mar 23rd, 2015

    The Community Organizer in Chief was once an “Ice Hole” inspector on Lake Michigan. Some people use a similar sounding title now to describe his actions.

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