Washington Redskins Football Franchise Leaving Washington DC

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Not disclosed was the tribe's idea of intergrating the Lingere Fantasy League players into the starting lineup

Not disclosed was the tribe’s idea of intergrating lingere clad Fantasy Football League players into the starting lineup to offset Liz Warren’s drab appearance

Senator Liz Warren says she'll participate during half-time by scalping a Republican mid-field with a dull knife.

Senator Liz Warren says she’ll participate during half-time by scalping a Republican mid-field with a dull knife.

Olympia Washington – (satireworld.com)

The heads of 30 federally recognized Indian tribes (Native Americans) that live in or off the 30 reservations located in Washington State held a meeting here in the Capital city. The subject was how to derive continued revenue to support scholarship and benefits to all Indian tribes residing in the state.

All agreed that Indian Casino gambling has been maxed out in the state. An attempt to buy the Seattle Seahawks Football Franchise had failed. However, a rumor is still floating around the National Football League (NFL) locker rooms that the Seattle Seahawks are planning a move to Oklahoma City for the 2016 season, after the team’s loss in Super bowl XLIX.

A proposal to buy the Washington Redskins Football Franchise from the current owners was raised, discussed and approved in light of the rumor. A tentative contract was drafted to the current franchise owners to buy, move the Washington Redskins football team and management to Washington State for the 2017 season; keeping the same name, logo and uniforms; and to build a new stadium/sports complex on one of the Indian reservations. Some of the participants were still queasy about the logo!

The public relations value is priceless, as no more President Obama, US Attorney General Eric Holder and busybody “racist spewing” diatribes from activists as the Washington Redskins would be owned by Native Americans. Final approval would be required by; a vote of the attending Indian tribe members, the NFL Commissioner, other franchise owners and the Washington Redskin’s owners!

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  1. Captain america

    Mar 24th, 2015

    …..new domed stadium to be in shape of a tpee
    And losers of every dame get scalped…just like season ticket holders…

    Jerry Jones picks up OJ on waiver wire as director of personel
    And valet parking for fans arriving on horseback…

    Tonto quoted as saying “it’s all horse shit kemo sabe!”

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