Hillary gives up in Iowa; crams into 3 seats in coach class to fly home to New Jersey!

by on 18/04/15 at 5:56 am

Carrying her wig and pulling luggage full of pants suits, Hillary sneaks past cameras at Newark Airport after a long trip from Iowa.

Carrying her famous blonde wig and pulling her weighty baggage full of pants suits, Hillary sneaks past media cameras at Newark Airport after a long trip from Iowa.

Davenport, IA – (satireworld.com )

Saying “what difference does it make NOW” Hillary Clinton aborted her initial hokey kickoff to 2016 after a group of #Not Ready for Hillary activists pelted her entourage with Monica Lewinsky Bobble Head dolls at a War Against Women fund raiser at a Planned Parenthood Clinic next to a cemetery in Davenport, Iowa.

Later Hillary was seen sitting on her luggage curbside in Newark taking up a handicapped parking space looking dazed and confused while waiting for her airport limo staffed by a Secret Service team recently placed on administrative leave after attending a drugs and hooker party sponsored by 2 Mexican drug cartels and funded by Jeffery Epstein.

Back in Iowa the two look a like GM ‘leisure vans” were loaded on pallets and flown back to Detroit in USAF C-130’s to be placed in the UAW’s historical museum to celebrate the success of labor unions in reviving Detroit’s economy and #Black Votes Matter, a hash tag dreamed up by the Obama Hope and Change political action group fronted by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson Sr. & Jr.

According to E. Williams, disguised as a Steward on the flight, Hillary spent the duration of the air time sexting on her cellphone and sending emails from her iPad while snacking on a contraband Whopper Burger and a 32 oz Big Drink which she called a ‘Middle Class Family Value” meal.

Her ‘body man’ Huma Weiner was seen devouring a ‘foot long” Halal hot dog with chili and onions and parked close to the lavatory in the rear of the plane where she explained she was ‘purging myself” prior to an afternoon colostomy scheduled upon arrival in New Jersey, the state long noted for ‘putting up with political S****!

On a positive note for the Hillary campaign, Brian Williams ended a 1 month hiatus by coming out for Hillary saying “I remember being under fire with Ms. Clinton in Bosnia…we both came under attack and shit ourselves….luckily being armed I was able to shoot our way out before flying out in a captured helicopter taking only minimal ground fire while taping the segment which was never aired due to questions about Ms. Clinton’s veracity!”

Next up: Hillary pledges to swim the English Channel in support of David Miliband and the Labour Party ‘s stand on immigration and Muslim Rights!

5 Responses to “Hillary gives up in Iowa; crams into 3 seats in coach class to fly home to New Jersey!”

  1. Captain america

    Apr 18th, 2015

    ….someone needs to tell Hilliary that when Chris Mathews yelled out ‘SHOW US YOUR TITS” he didn’t mean it!!

  2. E. Williams

    Apr 18th, 2015

    Wish I had more details to report but between my thong riding up and also “purging myself” like Huma once I realized Hillary was sexting, I was pretty distracted myself.

    Not sure what I did to piss off Bargis to keep getting these shitty undercover assignments…

  3. Captain america

    Apr 18th, 2015

    `…..it’s training…we all had to start somewhere!
    Bargis’s first job was as Lady Godiver’s personal waxer…

    Walter started out as a plucker for KENTUCKY fried chicken

    POM worked for the EPA taking rain water measurements from his own roof in MD

    Jman went undercover exposing bogus dating sites where he lost his virginity

    and Cap was at the helm when the good ship Spoof was scuttled with all hands lost….

    suck it up till you earn your pension!

  4. E. Williams

    Apr 18th, 2015

    Just paying my dues then. I’m OK with that now that I know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

  5. Philbert of Macadamia

    Apr 18th, 2015

    Hillary’s next gambit is to go after Republican voters in red states, by saying if elected she would Nuke Iran, ISIS, Syria, Iraq, Libya and the Democratic Party!

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