Obama Has Climate Change Added to FBI’s Most Wanted List

by on 21/04/15 at 7:20 am

On Tuesday the White House went to Defcon 4 when storm clouds rolled in

On Tuesday the White House went to Defcon 4 when storm clouds rolled in

The Administration has added two hundred 'Climate Control' towers disguished as sombreros along the southern border

The Administration has added two hundred ‘Climate Change’ observation towers disguised as sombreros along the southern border hoping the get tough message silences critics.

WASHINGTON D.C. – (satireworld.com)

With Earth Day approaching this week, President Obama is escalating his fear-mongering tactics about the damage Climate Change is doing to our planet. In fact, the President sent millions of his supporters into a panicked frenzy today by tweeting the ominous message: “This is the only planet we’ve got.” The shocking news rattled many of his Obamabots and, for this reason, he has added Climate Change to the FBI’s Most Wanted List.

The President has mentioned on numerous occasions during his still-hard-to-believe two terms in office that Climate Change poses the greatest threat to America’s national security. However, many Americans have not taken the threat seriously, believing that Climate Change was something that affected people in other parts of the world and would not make it to our shores. In fact, many Conservatives have gone so far as to go on with their lives and even continue to work in the face of such looming danger!

This all changed last week when Climate Change sent a video to the White House showing it killing people on an American beach. The video reportedly shows Climate Change marching people along a shoreline and, when the victims refused to worship only Al Gore, they were executed. The video is extremely graphic, as is all the carnage Climate Change punishes the earth with on a daily basis.

Rumors have circulated that Climate Change is planning an attempt to enter our country through our porous southern border, disguising itself as a future dreamer and undocumented democrat. Mr. Obama alone, in his great wisdom as not only a politician and expert on all things Islam and Christianity but also as a world-renowned climate scientist, understands the great threat we are under from this faceless enemy.

Thank God we have Earth Day which provides not only a chance for the President to bring the dangers of Climate Change to our attention, but also a chance for hundreds of thousands of liberals to gather around the country and protest in support of giving in to Climate Change’s demands. Climate Change is demanding some sort of carbon credit system as a type of ransom and only if we pay that ransom will Climate Change back off and leave us alone.

The liberals will pay homage to Mother Earth, Al Gore, and Bill Nye “The Science Guy” by praying that Climate Change leaves us alone. They will celebrate the day by flying polluting private jets to Earth Day events and leaving tons of litter and garbage strewn across all of their gathering places when they leave. Speaking of liberals and their love of private jets, President Obama has also added Climate Change to the nation’s no-fly list. The list also covers Climate Change’s aliases, “Global Warming,””Global Cooling,” and “Climate Disruption.”

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    Apr 21st, 2015

    A great one EW!

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    Apr 21st, 2015

    Thank you, my friend. Good work on the pics too, Bargis. Those were clever!

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