Bruce Jenner confirms committment to pose nude after transformation surgery for Vogue!

by on 06/05/15 at 10:09 pm

Bruce says he likes going out without panties on....

Bruce says he likes going out without panties on….

New York City – (

Editor Ana Wintour said the 6 page planned photo spread will be “breath taking, tasteful, and beautiful ” saying the piece tentatively titled “Penis De Milo” will set the tone for future transgender photo exploration of the Transgender Body including before and after pictures.

Said Bruce demurely, “I know I’ll be proud of my body even though I don’t expect to have a photogenic Armenian arse, but I guarantee it will be in tasteful proportions to inspire others such as my self who have been forced to live in the shadows all their lives!”

President Obama applauded Bruce’s ‘courage and bravery in revealing himself to the world’ while also denying he himself was in hormonal therapy and undergoing adam’s apple reduction therapy.

Insiders say since Obama isn’t running for reelection he has no reason to keep hiding in the closet and an announcement concerning a pending divorce and gender reassignment will be forth coming either on “Ellen”, “Hardball” or the Letterman show during it’s final days.

Valerie Jarrett has said privately the President has his own bucket list which includes being a back up singer for the Shirreless as they put together a nostalgia tour for the summer of 2016.

Said Brian Williams, “I’ve known Barry has been gay for the last 8 years….I was there when he and John Kerry had that fund raiser where they wrestled nude in a kiddie pool full of ketchup for the Rainbow Coalition…just barely missed getting some on me…scary and life threatening!”

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