ISIS Furious That Winning Drawing at Muhammad Cartoon Event ‘Wasn’t Even That Good’

by on 14/05/15 at 5:17 pm

Attention ISIS!  Artist Michael Moore's rendition of the Prophet.

Attention ISIS!
Artist Michael Moore’s rendition of the Prophet.


Now that the controversy over the Draw Muhammad event in this Texas city has subsided for the moment, Muslim scholars and members of ISIS are reacting with outrage that the drawing chosen as the winning entry “wasn’t even that good,” with some even saying that it sucked.

Radical Imam Anjem Choudary told Sean Hannity on Hannity last night, “Yes, we are outraged about the event in the first place. But, beyond that, there was very little artistic integrity in the winning sketch. I get that art is subjective and that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but, geez Louise, that was terrible. It looked like an angry Wolfman Jack. My nephew could draw a better picture of Muhammad in his first grade class. Of course, we would have to behead him if he did it, but that’s a different matter.”

Choudary continued, “If you’re going to risk getting yourself getting blown to pieces or riddled with bullets by an angry jihadist, wouldn’t you want to go out on a better note than that?”

The anonymous winner of the Garland exhibit admitted that the entry probably wasn’t their finest work and that, now knowing they might be killed if they enter another contest like this one, they would really try to bring their ‘A’ game next time. “I have some ideas for next time that will just make the image explode off the page,” the winner said.

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