MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Blames ‘Lack of Straight Lines’ For Amtrak Crash

by on 16/05/15 at 6:00 am

.....of course going 107 mpgh around a curve rated at 50 mph had nothing to do with it.

…..of course going 107 mph around a curve rated at 50 mph had nothing to do with it.

New York City, NY – (

In two separate segments on his May 13 Softballs With Chris Matthews program, MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews blamed “curves” on the Amtrak passenger rail route for Tuesday night’s train crash.

Matthews lamented that Amtrak rights-of-way must respect private property and that it’s so much more difficult in the United States than say China for the government to muscle its way into providing as straight a shot as possible for passenger rail lines.

Here’s the relevant transcript from this MSNBC idiot:

CHRIS MATTHEWS to Reps. Robert Brady (D-Pa.) and Brendan Boyle (D-Pa.): “Let’s talk about the track. You guys take the train every night home. And you take it too, as well. You know how it’s rickety. You know it jumps around a lot. It goes click-it-t-click and stuff. It’s like the Wild West, some parts of that route. Do we need to have a better right-of-way? Can we clear a straight line for this train? How fast can a train go if it’s going like around curves like this?” [rapidly moves his right hand laterally making zoom-zoom sound]

MATTHEWS to Rep. Steve Israel (D-N.Y.): “But we have a country where people can complain. In Communist countries like China and Chicago, they just draw a straight line, whether it goes through your house or not, it’s a straight line. We have this Amtrak thingy, I’ve been taking it now for a half a century, it doesn’t go in a straight line. In this case, it tried to make a turn and turned over! Because there’s so many turns on that route. How do you get rid of the turns? Maybe we can add like training wheels or something like I did to my son’s first bike and he never fell over.”

CHRIS MATTHEWS: “There you have it! A sensible Progressive answer. Steve, I can remember when I had a Lionel Flyer and it went round and round under the Christmas tree and of course, when I got bored watching it go round for about the zillionth time I made it go faster and faster and then it started to flip over all the time! It doesn’t take someone like some racist Republican with a smarty pants PhD to explain this. I just did! We need more straight tracks and no more curves! Make all the trains run north and south and east and west.”

Gee…With statements like the one above you really wonder how MSNBC exists.

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  1. Philbert of Macadamia

    May 17th, 2015

    The shortest distance is a straight line between Chiss’s butt and his mouth!

  2. E. Williams

    May 17th, 2015

    Right you are, PoM. Good one!

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