Obama Announces Solution to Gender Inequality

by on 03/06/15 at 6:59 pm

DFebbie Joh nson popped a pink one and before she could put the water bottle down....BOING!

Debbie Johnson popped a GE pink tablet and before she could put the water bottle down….BOING!

Washington DC- (satireworld.com)

President Obama has long felt that solving “Gender Inequality” is a close second to solving “Climate Change” on the nation’s national priority list. At a Rose Garden press conference the president indicated a solution has been proposed called “Genital Equality.”

“Genital Equality” will eliminate the need for politically incorrect words like Gay, Lesbian, Homosexual, Heterosexual, Transsexual and Transgender. Additionally, “Marriage Equality” will cease to be a problem.

This miraculous breakthrough in progressive science was discovered as part of ObamaCare research into Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in conjunction with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) have developed Genital Equality (GE) capsules. GE capsules allow for the addition of another human sex organ without surgery.

A blue GE capsule adds a penis etal and a pink GE capsule adds a vagina (no boobs). These GE capsules will be free for ObamaCare enrollees and make people more equal if they desire to participate.

The FDA is still in the process of working out the kinks such as: 1) what happens if a male swallows a blue GE capsule; 2) what happens if a female swallows a pink GE capsule; 3) What happens if multiple GE capsules are swallowed; 4) the location of the new sex organ sometimes appears randomly positioned on the person’s body and; 5) animal rights activists are concerned about animals accidently swallowing GE capsules.

Removal of an existing sex organ still requires surgery paid for by ObamaCare. “However, you may keep your old sex organ if you like your old sex organ!”

It has been suggested by critics of the Obama administration that possibly Mother Nature got it right the first time!

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