White House Interns Scurry to Cover their Arse after Obama and Supremes make Buggery LAW OF THE LAND!

by on 29/06/15 at 10:28 am

Obama has even brought shame to the golf links

Obama has even brought shame to the golf links

Washington AC/DC – (satireworld.com)

Shortly after Obama ordered the White House to be bathed in the LGBT floodlights after the Supremes legalized sodomy and crimes against nature, fear and loathing lowered morals among young unpaid Ivy League male interns in the White House.

Fearful looking young men where reported inching along hall ways with their back to the wall, and refusing to get on last on Senate elevators fearing for their virginity.

Meanwhile on the slumping DOW Jones, KY Petroleum Jelly hit new highs after company spokesmen indicated they were “ALL IN AND FIRMLY BEHIND OBAMA AND THE SUPREMES’ ruling on the “new normal” on gay marriage, joining Wal Mart and the Proctologist Lobby in Washington.

The AMA reported an ‘unhealthy demand for Proctology Exams that were deemed “unnecessary” and deemed ‘simply charged to Obamacare for personal pleasure!”

A spokesman for the President said the report was a lie to discredit the President’s policies of showing he had “his finger on the pulse of ALL Americans no matter their gender or proclivities!”

Said SW investigative reporter Evil Williams recently placed on Obama’s Homeland Security No Fly List, “I don’t care what Obama and the Supremes mandated….quite frankly, I can’t and won’t be arsed!!”

Williams recently made news when he refused to bend over and spread his cheeks when he asked a local bakery to prepare a 4th of July cake decorated with the American Flag and the verses to the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

“Im not going to leave my patriotism up to a fickle finger of fate “he said defiantly.

Williams was recently nominated for 3 Pulitzer s for a recent series of articles calling out the regime for hypocrisy, prevarications, tyranny and treason and was threatened with losing his press credentials and internet access by an un-elected group of Obama appointed bureaucrats.

When confronted by a White House staffer asking him to turn in his credentials Williams was heard to snarl,”Stick this Ipad where the sun don’t shine….if you can find any room up there!’

Evil Williams: Our SW Writer of the Month!

3 Responses to “White House Interns Scurry to Cover their Arse after Obama and Supremes make Buggery LAW OF THE LAND!”

  1. O'Leg P

    Jun 29th, 2015

    Chip off the old Obummer block, those rectal preference genes descended – unlike Da Prez’s testicles – on his father’s side.

  2. Captain america

    Jun 29th, 2015

    …..maybe the Supreme Court should submit stool samples so we can check the DNA on which arse they pulled this vote out of…just saying!

  3. Bargis

    Jun 30th, 2015

    Guy looks like an arsehole from where I’m sitting.

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