Hillary Reveals “my big fat Greek Presidency!”

by on 12/07/15 at 2:34 pm

With Hillary you can be sure it will be more lies, gross manipulations, and incompetence scandals galore

With Hillary you can be sure it will be more lies, gross manipulations, and incompetence scandals galore

Washington DC – (satireworld.com)

As the economy continues to falter, and economic disaster looms
in Europe, Hillary held a tantalizing look into her presidential agenda in an impromptu press conference at a ‘lick a donut” at a neighborhood Krispy Kreme franchise just a block away from Chelsea’s $11m penthouse while taking her granddaughter out for a brief walk on her leash.

Saying the Zorba the Greek had a point, Hillary promised a minimum wage of $35 and hour and time and a half over the 20 hour work week, paid paternity leave for unwed fathers, 10 weeks of paid vacation time, free child care, college tuition, lamb shanks in every pot, and no interest cash back deals on unsold Chevy Cruzes and Volts to boost GM stock and provide transportation for needy so they could get to government entitlement offices.

All the promises of more ‘free stuff” had the crowd of panhandlers, windshield washers, and community organizers drooling all over the donuts which prompted a call to the NC Health Department which went ignored since Mayor DeBlasio instituted his new policing policy reminiscent of the David Dinkens era of “Hands off…I’m Black!”

A contingent of militant LBGT members paraded signs saying “Lick my Dick” as they applauded Hillary for swinging to the left of Cuba and Venezuela in her attempt to recapture falling momentum in her presidential campaign.

Hillary brushed off a question from a NY Post reporter who asked “who’s going to pay for all this?” before he was lassoed and hauled away by a posse of New Black Panthers holding posters of new AG Lorreta Lynch and “no justice no peace for Crackers!”

Clinton brushed off the question saying, “we have Germany, the IMF, China and the FED to pay for all this stuff, not to mention Goldman Sachs and my own Humanitanian non profit to raise money for these humanitarian human rights…”Free Stuff is your God -given right” citing recent Supreme Court rulings from “Justice” Roberts supported by Mitch McConnel and John “Boner” (sick).”What difference does it make where the money is coming from…as long as you never get the bill” she shrilled to a crowd in ecstasy!

Giving a shout out to Feminists she also threw out his promise, “If you baptize your baby before you abort him he’ll remain on the voting rolls for ever as a bonus!”

As the donuts ran out the candidate slipped out a side door
and into her armoured convoy leaving the bakery owner forlorn at cash register muttering, “Who the F*** is paying for thiscluster…and don’t tell me ‘the checks in the mail’…I’m no Monica to be left with a bad taste in my mouth after you lick my donuts and suck all the jelly out of the middle…!”

Meanwhile in Greece citizens are limited to $10 a day from ATM’s and continue to demand more Free Shit even as Other People’s Money runs out.

Former UK PM Tony Blair backed Clinton saying, “More free immigration will bring in more workers, money and enable the government to provide more Free Shit to members of our (Labour)party!”

Cherie Blair backed her husband and is currently closing on her new house in the Hamptons to take advantage of the future opportunities in the colonies.

Hillary protested recent rumours about her sex life saying
“TRUST ME,” never had anal sex with that man, Zorba the Greek! You can ask Huma!”

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  1. captainAmerica

    Jul 12th, 2015

    …..hmmm…no mention of Web Hubbel….!

    No accounting for taste

  2. O'Leg Pee

    Jul 13th, 2015

    Something very Greek about Hillary’s finances too, expect her to get another bailout from the European Union when last vestiges of credibility hit Little Rock bottom…

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