Hillary’s dark web trolling cached on private server

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Vladamir El Sotomyer, a purported distant relative of Hillary Clinton, searches for a positive DNA match after an aide claimed Hillary was snotty toward her.

Vladamir al Sotomyer-Omar, a purported distant relative of Hillary Clinton, searches for a positive DNA match after an aide claimed Hillary was snotty toward her at a luncheon at the Waldorf-Astoria.

New York – (satireworld.com)
By Oleg Penkovsky Bin Laden-Sotero

For years a Fuxnet computer worm incubating in her private email server quietly harvested Clinton’s psychotic rants, mostly to Mullah Mohammed Omar, the now dead Afghani stand-up comedian-cum-former Taliban war lord.

And with pervy US jackass Bill Cosby, odds-on lead suspect for Barack Obama’s paternity, according to decrypted reports.

Transcripts of the troubled trio’s correspondence were published this weekend at a high level NATO pow-wow about the contents of classified Cold War databases on paedo wackjobs and their cheerleaders.

Unsurprisingly the names Clinton, Obama and Mullah Omar are up there alongside the Bushes, Elizabeth Windsor and assorted Ruskies.

A sneak peek now reveals the mysterious genetic cesspool that ties the bastards – uh, global piss process luminaries! – to a mutual genome forged in hell.

Mullah Omar it transpires was the son of Mohammed Zahir Shah, last King of Afghanistan and the now deceased Dowager Duchess of Norfolk, Anne Fitzalan-Howard, daughter of Dallas, Texas-born socialite Caroline Burns Carden.

Omar, Anne’s secret firstborn, was adopted into a Pashtun tribal family eventually becoming Taliban supreme commander and spiritual overlord, with 9/11 arguably his greatest feat.

Her Grace meanwhile married an illegitimate Brit toff and pretender to the country’s premier dukedom whose illegitimacy for decades was concealed by the Roamin Catlick Church.

This weekend the dead duchess’s own DNA tested positive for maternity of Hillary Rodham Clinton, the achingly desperate US Presidential wannabe behind a gross cover-up of the Benghazi mess.

Which brings us back to Barack Obama and the official garbage behind Bobbi Kristina’s alleged parentage – which as everyone by now knows is a huge pile of cack.

Commenting on the report a NATO bigwig said: “Whitney’s deceased 22 year-old ‘daughter’ was a simple shoo-in cuckoo,” Major-General Sir Monty Dambusta, VC & Bar, suggested.

“These Clinton dark web rants tell us everything we needed to know including how Bobbi Kristina was fledged by Barack Obama and Chelsea Clinton in a deal brokered by Bill Cosby’s pawnbroker.”

An update follows early next week.

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    Aug 3rd, 2015

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    Wow Oleg the Prophet!
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