Obama to Receive an Award From a National Proctologist Organization

by on 04/08/15 at 4:36 am

...after last year's 'self examination,' Michelle insisted that Barack use a professional this year

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME…after last year’s ‘self examination,’ Michelle insisted that Barack use a professional this year

Washington DC- (satireworld.com)

President Obama was to receive two awards, one from the National Association of Retired Proctologists (NARP) and the second from the National Association of Retired Gynecologists (NARG). The award presentations were to occur after Mr. Obama returned from his recent two day trip to Kenya and Ethiopia, but prior to his upcoming trip to Asia in August 2015.

NARP is presenting this honorary award to Democratic President Obama in recognition of his outstanding indirect promotion of proctology to the American people in the last six years. The Obama administration has had its left hand middle finger up the derriere of the American people when it comes to: blatantly lying to the public; expensive health insurance (ObamaCare); overspending on social programs; Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) energy, air and water regulations; crony capitalism; Internet regulations; gun control regulations; stifling the business community and US economic growth; failing to enforce illegal immigration laws; hobbling the US military; spying on American citizens; weak foreign policy; underestimating ISIS (JV team); the flawed nuclear agreement with Iran; and playing the race card whenever possible.

First Lady Michelle Obama did not accompany the president to Kenya and Ethiopia because the first couple had a falling out over the second honorary award to be presented to Mr. Obama by NARG. Michelle wanted to know why Barack was even being considered for this award. The president owned-up to only taking a “Selfie” with a piece of Swedish cheesecake!

The NARG Award Selection Committee received a telephone call from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Commissioner John Koskinen. President Obama has graciously declined the NARG award, stating that the “affairs of state” precluded his acceptance at this time! A hint was also dropped about a potential IRS audit of NARG’s non-profit status if another more worthy recipient wasn’t found.

The NARG award was rescheduled to be presented to former Democratic President Bill Clinton!

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