Patriots Win…Patriots Win!!!

by on 03/09/15 at 4:20 pm

Pete Rose called Tom Brady asking for that judge's phone number.

Pete Rose called Tom Brady asking for the judge’s phone number.

Tom looks pretty happy after today's ruling.

Tom looks pretty happy after today’s ruling.


Not since Bobby Thompson hit his shot heard round the world in 1951 has the sports world been so electrified after a Federal Judge overturned NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s draconian
penalties against NE Patriots quarterback Tom Brady!

Judge Richard Berman not only repudiated Brady’s 4 game suspension, he Ripped Goodell a new one” claiming Brady’s rights were trampled on, he was denied due process, evidence was withheld, and the verdict was tainted by influence by the Baltimore Ravens, Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts, NY Jets and Buffalo Bills, all of whom can’t figure out how to beat Brady and the Patriots

No word from the Commissioner as a spokesperson said Goodell was “dazed, confused and Gobsmacked” by the ruling and was trying to redo his resume as ownership is said to be considering his replacement after a disastrous off season consumed with the league’s pursuit of Brady’s demise and diminishing of his stellar career on and off the field.

Coach Bill Belichick, derisive of politically correct ESPN reportzers said,”things have been going down hill since Obama pardoned Ray Lewis for DOUBLE MURDER, and Mike Vick became a paid spokesman for PETA and Planned PitBull Hood!”

Bill said his team would be motivated to go 16-0 this season including shut outs of Rex Ryan’s Bills, and Andrew YUCK and the Colts on their way to the Super Bowl!

Convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez said from prison he had “recinded his order to snuff Goodell since “justice has been done for my Homey, Tom!!”

Sports bars in Boston and Mashpee, MA have been adding Granddtands in anticipation of the opening of the season and adding extra taps of Sam Adams beer and stocking up on new T-shirts proclaiming WHITE QUARTERBACKs MATTER!

Donald Trump piled on saying “Goodell is so incompetent Obama should have appointed him to be Secretary of State in charge of IRAN SANCTIONS!

More after Tom and Gisele renew their vows on Goodell’s ESPN reality show “Football’s Biggest Loser!

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