Obama Gets Plastered Outside the White House

by on 28/09/15 at 6:37 am

The Pope's laughter alerted the Secret Service to the gallery and almost shot the President mistaking him for a 19th century ghost of Andrew Jackson.

The Pope’s laughter alerted the Secret Service to the gallery and they almost shot the President mistaking him for a 19th century ghost of Andrew Jackson.

Obama lights one up and offers to share with the Pope.

At a late night secret meeting with his Holiness Obama lights one up and offers to share with the Kenyan marijuana the Pope just moments before the Pontiff pushed the stoned, but surprised President into the liquid plaster vat while yelling….”Finally you’re baptized now you ignorant savage!”

Washington DC-(satireworld.com)

An anonymous White House source leaked the following story to the Washington Post about the day Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church was hosted by President Obama at the White House. The story can be found on page 65 (left side) of this Sunday’s newspaper Real Estate section.

President Obama welcomed his Holiness Pope Francis to the White House, where both men made speeches about their world views on global warming and other issues. The Pope stressed Freedom of religion! Following a private meeting and Photo Ops, the Pope departed to conduct a Mass at the Washington Cathedral for 25,000 people and to prepare for his speech before a joint session of Congress, the next day.

President Obama, late that evening, took a short walk outside the White House residence to reflect on the political ramifications concerning his meeting with the Pope, as he smoked a cigarette. Mr. Obama was cogitating on news that the Pope’s procession had stopped at Abe’s Kosher Delicatessen located near the Washington Cathedral, prior to the Mass, for hot Corn Beef sandwiches on rye bread and dill pickles to go. The president had agreed with First Lady Michelle’s suggestion to serve her “healthy school lunch program” food to the Pope before his departure. As a consequence the Pope had to stop for a bite to eat.

It was dark during President Obama’s walk due to compliance with his executive orders to keep the White House “green,” the outside lights had been turned off after 10:00PM to save electricity. A looming necessity for all, especially as Obama’s EPA directives will shut down all the USA’s coal fired electrical power plants.

Workman refinishing the outside of the over 200 year old White House exterior with a plaster/plastic like white material, had stopped work to see the Pope and left behind a large half-full mixing vat. The president tripped over the vat in the low level light, was not injured, but found himself all covered in white plaster from head to foot. He got up and went back to the side entrance door trying to get back into the White House, which was now locked.

President Obama all covered in white plaster ran around to the front entrance of the White House where two US Marines snapped to attention, as they recognized the president. With perplexed looks on their faces the US Marines then called the Secret Service Detail. Meanwhile the president ran up the main stairway to get back into the residence part of the White House.

When the Secret Service Detail arrived, they heard one male shout “ah s**t” and four female screams as President Obama entered his bedroom on the second floor to shower, rid himself of the white plaster coating and changed clothes. Michelle chastised the president for being a month too early for a Halloween ghost prank!

The Secret Service Detail calmed everybody down and asked pertinent questions as to what had happened? The president and the first lady filled in the details as to the chain of events that had transpired. The four female screams were identified as those of First lady Michelle, her two daughters and Michelle’s mother. But who was the fifth male that voiced “ah s**t,” as all the service staff had left for the day? Michelle added that she thought the male had a thick Asian accent!

The Secret Service Detail began to look under every bed, the closets and search every nook and cranny of the White House after a complete lockdown was ordered. The questions of whom and what was the unknown spy doing in the White House and how did he sneak in, needs to be answered? Recently sharp spikes were placed atop the White House outer fence, but no blood was seen anywhere inside!

“It’s a Mystery!”

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