Hillary Diagnosed With Pinocchio Syndrome

by on 04/11/15 at 7:55 pm

Pinocchio Syndrome is rampant in the Democratic Party with 9 out of 10 liberals suffering from it.

Pinocchio Syndrome is rampant in the Democratic Party with 9 out of 10 liberals suffering from it.

Washington DC- (satireworld.com)

Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton was rushed to Walter Reed Medical Center complaining of severe body pains. The sudden debilitating aches occurred while she was speaking to a group of political supporters at a fund raiser in nearby Prince Georges County Maryland. Former President Bill Clinton arrived at his wife’s bedside after being located by his Secret Service detail.

Mrs. Clinton is resting comfortably after being sedated to block feeling any pain. Walter Reed Medical Center doctors have performed numerous blood tests, taken X-Rays and run CAT and MRI Scans. Mrs. Clinton’s personal physician and specialists have also been called in to consult and concur on a diagnosis. (Mrs. Clinton is minimally covered by ObamaCare.)

Reporters from MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, the main stream liberal print media and other well wishers congregated in the hospital waiting rooms to wait for the diagnosis. Fox News Channel and Washington Times reporters have been relegated to the hospital parking lot.

Dr. Gepetto, a consulting medical specialist, appeared after midnight surrounded by hospital staff to make a statement that Hillary had a case of the “Pinocchio Syndrome.” This syndrome is not life threatening, but requires a change in a person’s behavior. In men the nose of the infected individual tends to increase in size as the pathological prevarications continue. In females, other hidden parts of the anatomy tend to lengthen, but no change in visible facial features is indicated. The elongation of female body parts hidden by wearing pantsuits, results in severe body pain after a long period of time.

Dr. Gepetto continued that a minor surgical procedure will eliminate all the elongations and corresponding body pains. Hillary may resume her presidential campaigning and fundraising activities in about one week. However, the prognosis to prevent a relapse of the “Pinocchio Syndrome” is for Hillary to cease the pathological prevarications about her support of Same Sex marriage; being against the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA); covering up the Benghazi Libya attack via citing an anti-Muslim video as the cause; admitting to telecommunicating highly classified materials via an unsecured illegal computer server in her home; and then bloody lying at Congressional hearings!

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  1. Bargis

    Nov 4th, 2015

    it looks like a dueling contest! Bet she’ll win by a nose!

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