Honduras Intercepts Syrian ‘Orphans and Widows’ Using Fake Passports to Enter US

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Just Mom and her friends out shopping for a new tea set...

Just Mom and her girlfriends taking the kids to see Disney World…

Move along, nothing to see here Just a bunch or orphans looking to play some baseball with US kids...

Move along, nothing to see here Just a bunch or Syrian orphans looking to play some baseball with US kids…

Tegucigalpa, Honduras – (satireworld.com)

Police in Honduras have arrested five Syrian widows with their orphaned children who were travelling on stolen Greek passports and reportedly intended to enter the US by land.
The five were detained after arriving on a flight from neighboring El Salvador on Tuesday night, police said.Honduran special police force spokesman Anibal Baca, said they had been tipped off by Greece about the group’s imminent arrival.

Greek diplomats stationed in Honduras said none of the five spoke Greek, nor did they eat yogurt, or when asked, say they heard of the Zorba the Greek movie. Plus, the women were wearing a black burka and the kids wore ‘Down With USA’ tee shirts. “It was a pretty good tip off they weren’t who they said they were,” said Janas Pelogopolis a six-year diplomat living in Hondurus.

The group are being held in a large cage at the international airport in the Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa.

According to Honduran police, they were planning to travel to the northern city of San Pedro Sula.
From there, they intended to cross into Guatemala and then Mexico before reaching the US border, some 1,800 miles away.

“Those are not their real names. We are still trying to establish their identities,” he told La Prensa newspaper.

The names on the passports are: Betty Brown, Alexis Smith, Jenny Jones, Tasha Goldstein, and Georgette Washington Jr. In lieu of the forged and doctored passports Interpol will assist Honduran police with the investigation.

American politicians have expressed concern over the arrival of Middle Eastern refugees following recent attacks in Paris. Republicans in the House of Representatives said they were drafting legislation to introduce tougher controls on Syrian and Iraqi refugees. On Tuesday the ever clueless President Obama accused the GOP of fearing ‘Syrian widows and orphans’ in their attempt to limit Syrian immigration.

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  1. Philbert of Macadamia

    Nov 19th, 2015

    Obama will get a footnote in the history books as the USA’s most incompetent president. Then the smudge will be swept away by a history student thinking it was fly shit!

  2. Captain america

    Nov 20th, 2015

    ….exchange students for Yale and Princeton!

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